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the dismal science

A disparaging term for the discipline of economics, coined in 1849 by Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle as a label for the school of economists who supported the abolition of slavery. Economists have predicted that the exponential population growth will eventually cause our entire society to collapse in on itself—I suppose that is why they are known as practitioners of the dismal science.
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dismal science, the

Economics. The term is Thomas Carlyle’s, and he first used it in On the Nigger Question (1849), writing: “The social science—not a ‘gay science’ but a rueful—which finds the secret of this Universe in ‘supply and demand’ . . . what we might call, by way of eminence, the dismal science.” He repeated it the following year in a pamphlet, and it gradually caught on, becoming particularly popular among students struggling with the subject’s complexities.
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A dismal first half when England conceded three tries to trail by 16 points, 22-6, at half-time put the writing on the wall for Jones' mob before improving in the second half.
Last year there were seven universities and this decline from 7 to 4 varsities depicts the dismal state of higher education in the country.
BEIRUT: Public school teachers from the city of Tripoli held a demonstration Friday to protest dismal working conditions.
Members of the Dismal Jimmy supporters group claim the club should get a share of the cash if the block near the Racecourse ground is sold.
Global Banking News-May 3, 2016--European banks report dismal first quarter
I suppose it's good news of a sort but not worth opening a bottle of cheap fizz to celebrate the move of an hourly rate from dismal poverty to dismal poverty plus 50p.
In a video posted on social media, Pakistan team members can be seen arriving at the Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore as cricket fans showed their anger on the dismal performance in the mega event.
PCB has advised Waqar Younis to take a rest after the green shirts after the dismal show in Bangladesh.
GROWTH in Britain's manufacturing sector slowed to a three-month low in December marking a dismal end to 2014, figures showed.
Villa were much improved from the weekend's dismal showing in Holland where they slipped to a 4-1 defeat to Groningen on the road.
For example, if the Dismal Swamp is chosen and your partner places the stone on the Haunted House (move 1) to start, the code is 4.
Fertiliser sector in Pakistan has faced yet another year of dismal performance due to unprecedented cut in gas supply as SNGPL based fertiliser plants lost production by 89 percent in year 2012.
BAHRAIN Football Association (BFA) has named Gabriel Humberto Calderon of Argentina as the new coach of the national, just a week after sacking Peter Taylor of England following a series of dismal performances.
The board of Al Wasl, the Dubai-based club coached by Diego Maradona, has resigned following the team's dismal GCC Champions League final loss, raising doubts about the Argentine legend's future.