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the dismal science

A disparaging term for the discipline of economics, coined in 1849 by Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle as a label for the school of economists who supported the abolition of slavery. Economists have predicted that the exponential population growth will eventually cause our entire society to collapse in on itself—I suppose that is why they are known as practitioners of the dismal science.
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dismal science, the

Economics. The term is Thomas Carlyle’s, and he first used it in On the Nigger Question (1849), writing: “The social science—not a ‘gay science’ but a rueful—which finds the secret of this Universe in ‘supply and demand’ . . . what we might call, by way of eminence, the dismal science.” He repeated it the following year in a pamphlet, and it gradually caught on, becoming particularly popular among students struggling with the subject’s complexities.
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The announcement came following Wednesday's 1-0 defeat away to Zoo Kericho.Indimuli said the trio have been shown the door due to dismal performances with the club battling relegation.
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The residents and workers of the SITE Karachi have appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the head of the SHC Water Commission to take notice of the dismal environmental conditions in the SITE Karachi and order urgent remedial measures on humanitarian grounds.
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A New York Times review said: "That Gotti is a dismal mess comes as no surprise.
In the mid-nineteenth century, as the United States barrelled towards a conflict over slavery, popular American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow authored a story of a runaway slave fleeing through the Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia, a wooded mire stretching over thousands of acres between the vital port city of Norfolk and the state of North Carolina.
Scotland 25 England 13 EDDIE JONES saw dismal England surrender the Calcutta Cup - then claimed the shambles was all his fault.
Looking back to the dismal at the franchise's dismal had last season, Alas is putting those performances behind with Phoenix hell-bent on making an impact this year.
EFFORTS to tackle a multibillion-pound VAT fraud benefiting Amazon and eBay have been blasted by MPs as "dismal".
Interestingly, all the three seized plots measuring 17.5 dismal were donated by Prasad's domestic helps three years back in 2014.
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