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dislodge (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To free someone or something that is stuck. Fortunately, the Heimlich maneuver dislodged the piece of food from Greta's throat.
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dislodge someone or something from someone or something

to loosen and remove someone or something from someone or something. We were unable to dislodge her from office. Gene was able to dislodge the bone from his throat.
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"The PPP government is heading to change the fate of people of Pakistan while dislodging our government is daydreaming," The News quoted Zardari, as saying.
Notwithstanding their evident craft and eerie beauty, the images in "The History of Another" lack a punctum, something that pierces the viewer, dislodging his or her sense of complacency or sentimentalized empathy.
The stereo was thrown at about 4am on Saturday, dislodging the pane, but it was spotted early on and the area beneath it had been cordoned off long before it came down at midday.
Still, who had the tenacity and the know-how to do the dislodging?
Angiography also carries the risk of dislodging a clot during catheter manipulation.
As a military engineer, he designed an aqualung, pumps for getting water into siege towers, efficient ways to pour boiling oil on enemy troops, and techniques for dislodging attack ladders from castle walls.
FREED Motherwell keeper Michael Brown reckons it was a dream to spend a year as Andy Goram's understudy - although it turned into a nightmare as there was no chance of dislodging his hero.
The air duct cleaning process is simpler: air is blown into the duct, dislodging dust and clogs which are then sucked up with a high-powered vacuum.
* cap should be snug but removable; copper cap allows air during use to flow freely from air the chamber without dislodging.
Meanwhile, the Iraqi forces are still focused on putting all efforts into dislodging insurgents from the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq, as part of the ongoing operation against ISIL.