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dislodge (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To free someone or something that is stuck. Fortunately, the Heimlich maneuver dislodged the piece of food from Greta's throat.
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dislodge someone or something from someone or something

to loosen and remove someone or something from someone or something. We were unable to dislodge her from office. Gene was able to dislodge the bone from his throat.
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Attaching the electrode to a bone screw at the caudal edge of the rib would prevent dislodgement. The current intramuscular electrode requires a large 16-gauge needle for implantation and cannot be inserted closer to the nerve.
Comparison of the mean retentive force for different types of clasps at the initial time period is shown in Figure 1, 2 represents the mean values of the retentive force required to cause dislodgement of each clasp from molar and premolar teeth with 0.25 mm undercuts at the initial and 36 months periods.
In a 2017 survey of nurses and vascular access specialists, nearly all respondents reported that their institutions considered IV dislodgement a safety risk.
Twiddler's syndrome (TS) is known to be an uncommon cause of device malfunction caused by excessive twisting of the pacemaker or ICD device in the pocket, resulting in dislodgement of leads and device malfunction.2 The prevalence of this syndrome was reported to be 0.07 - 7 % in cases with a pacemaker.2,3 It was first reported by Bayliss et al.
Changes in pacing parameters suggest lead dislodgement. A perforation represents a specific type of dislodgement with mortal potential.
It is possible that increasing the time of immobilization might reduce the likelihood of dislodgement of the closure device.
This in vitro study confirmed that paste form of adhesive material was more resistant to dislodgement than powder.
No dislodgement of VRC during or after operation and no bleeding from sutureless anastomosis site were noted.
ISLAMABAD -- PEMRA Council of Complaints, in its 32nd meeting held under chairmanship of Professor Shamim Humayun on Saturday recommended the imposition of Rs 100,000/- fine on ARY News on charges of incitement for dislodgement of democratic setup.
Proponents note that the new devices not only remove the possibility of broken or damaged conventional pacemaker leads, but they also should eliminate the need for patients to avoid certain activities to prevent dislodgement of the leads.
Though seizures during anaesthesia induction can result in dislodgement of intravenous lines, monitoring device, injury or even dislodgement of airway.
Retrograde implantation of ureteral stents is associated with septicemia, irritative bladder symptoms, forgotten stents and high failure rate which ultimately require percutaneous nephrostomy tube insertion to drain the affected kidney.8 On the other hand, Percutaneous nephrostomy is associated with complications like bleeding, septicemia, tube blockage and accidently tube dislodgement. 2,5,7,10
Reel syndrome occurs due to spontaneous retraction of pacemaker leads, which causes lead dislodgement and severe complications (1-3).
Anchor dislodgement and bone infection are uncommon complications (Moul, 2011).
Hemodialysis treatments have become routine, but complications still occur, ranging from the most common (headache, cramps) to the less frequent yet more serious complication of substantial blood loss related to venous needle dislodgement (sometimes abbreviated as VND).