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dislodge (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To free someone or something that is stuck. Fortunately, the Heimlich maneuver dislodged the piece of food from Greta's throat.
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dislodge someone or something from someone or something

to loosen and remove someone or something from someone or something. We were unable to dislodge her from office. Gene was able to dislodge the bone from his throat.
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We suspected the sinus track may originate from the dislodged appliance embedded in the cheek soft tissue.
He added that Education, health, environment, agriculture and services provided to the citizens, as well as human rights, dislodged and Syrian refugees in Qa'im district, western Anbar, are the main topics the UN seeks to care for.
A series of landslips over the past two months have dislodged banks of earth containing human remains from graves at St Mary's in Whitby, North Yorkshire - a church with connections to the Dracula story.
The Japanese ship was dislodged by last year's tsunami.
During surgery, the lower blade of an ultrasonic, vibrating scalpel dislodged. Dr.
Greene dislodged a bone in his neck when unseated by Diamond Twister at the first flight of the maiden hurdle which has left him unable to lift his right arm although all the other limbs have movement.
The stents cannot be dislodged, nor will the heart be damaged.
Stop if it clears and check their mouth to see if the object has been dislodged.
In a bid to rid the capital city of beggars, Afghanistan's anti-begging commission has dislodged around 820 beggars and tramps from different localities of the city over the past few months.
Just weeks ago he was shocked to wake up and find the half inch piece of metal had dislodged from his jaw.
Just weeks ago he was shocked to wake up and find the half-inch piece of metal had dislodged from his jaw.
Incidents/injuries: Evenflo has received 11 reports of dislodged end caps that resulted in nine minor injuries, including bumps and bruises.
The vacuum generator then draws the dislodged product through the head of the AIRWASH and through the connection tube to the receiving tank.
He arrived on the scene with the 'Ball of the Century' which dislodged Mike Gatting's off-stump at Old Trafford in 1993.
If the object fails to be dislodged by coughing or back-slaps, the best way to clear it is abdominal thrusts, which used to be known as the Heimlich manoeuvre.