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dislodge (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To free someone or something that is stuck. Fortunately, the Heimlich maneuver dislodged the piece of food from Greta's throat.
See also: dislodge

dislodge someone or something from someone or something

to loosen and remove someone or something from someone or something. We were unable to dislodge her from office. Gene was able to dislodge the bone from his throat.
See also: dislodge
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As if saving her life was not enough, the three quick-thinking firemen came back a few days later to check on Mrs Musgrave and make sure she hadn't been hurt when Kris was trying to dislodge the grape.
Firefighters tracked down a vet in Whit church when they were unable to dislodge the ball.
Ryan slapped her on the back in an attempt to dislodge the tablet making her choke.
This guy rushed up and used both arms and sort of thumped Bazil's chest to dislodge the bit of bacon that was blocking his airway.
It has "ball-tray" anti-blinding devices to dislodge slightly oversized particles from the upstream side of the screens.
She had tried unsuccessfully to dislodge the bone by swallowing rice and by retching.
And Kennedy's handling of the camera in these sequences disrupts the viewer's usual perspective: Whereas the lens normally corresponds to the human eye, which surveys the world as an extension of the subject's mind or consciousness, Kennedy's images dislodge vision from the mind, embedding it instead in the body, where it can "see" what the eye cannot.
Fearful of breaking the elderly woman's ribs, Lieutenant Mance made two unsuccessful attempts to dislodge the food stuck in her throat.
Breathing is often a chore for many CF patients, who must endure daily "clappings" on the back to dislodge the mucus and prevent organ-damaging infections.
Firefighters tracked down a vet in Whitchurch when they were unable to dislodge the ball.
Campus security director Mario Chavez used the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the snack after security officer George Torres couldn't get it out, said Deputy Frank Jinright.
Young Franny found he wasn't good enough to dislodge,Henry,Bergkamp etc and so came home with his tail between his legs.
PARTICK Thistle boss Gerry Collins has challenged Faroe Islands keeper Jakup Mikkelsen to prove he can dislodge Firhill No.