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disinclined to (do something)

Reluctant or not likely to do something, typically due to a particular reason. I'm disinclined to gossip as an adult after witnessing all the pain that rumors caused in high school.
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disinclined to

(do something); unwilling to do something. I am disinclined to allow you to leave class early. They were disinclined to allow us to enter the country.
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But the Indians don't want help, and the commission the government created to regulate Indian gambling, the National Indian Gaming Commission (NICC), is equally disinclined to provide it, preaching laissez-faire as tribe after tribe gets taken.
Rugby having fallen for the dire sales pitch, that vulgarity equals prosperity, just look at the "goodies" being assembled to attract those who might feel disinclined to attend England's forthcoming World Cup warm-up games.
So while they may lack the logical recklessness to apply the same principle to company law, Labour Ministers are deeply disinclined the let building societies depart from head-counting democracy.
I would be disinclined to work with him in the future."
Still, many Israelis felt disinclined to wait for the police to file its final report: Tekah was an Ethiopian Israeli, and almost immediately thousands of protesters began blocking major roads throughout the country and shouting that Tekah's death was caused by blatant racism.
The sources confirmed that the military council is "disinclined to cancel the death sentences" and currently prefers to delay issuing such a decision.
Investors were disinclined to trade in the absence of triggers while concerns over geopolitical situation forced investors to liquidate their positions.
Upset by the low turnout during his turn to debate the government's mid-term review of the 11th Malaysian Plan, Najib lamented yesterday that he should just write Facebook posts in the future since ministers and their deputies were disinclined to listen to him.
The city's Liberal Democrat opposition have accused Coun Forbes of being "disinclined to urgency" on the issue and say "real action" is needed imminently.
Unfortunately, we never got round to finding a cafe that had them in Blackpool and I was disinclined to make a detour from the motorway to the town itself in the Manchester suburbs on our way home.
The government is learnt to be disinclined to adopting a system that would require the applicants of insolvency proceedings to turn up in person to complete the process.
The nation is technically in recession and investors have been disinclined to create jobs as long as there is political uncertainty over Zuma and his ministers.
Every pound that his highmindedness has disinclined him to earn then represents a 40p loss to the Inland Revenue and hence to disabled and underprivileged benefits recipients, together with the loss of a further 40% of what would have remained when he dies.
At school Anna and her friends are preoccupied with each other and disinclined to look outside their tight little circle.