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disinclined to (do something)

Reluctant or not likely to do something, typically due to a particular reason. I'm disinclined to gossip as an adult after witnessing all the pain that rumors caused in high school.
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disinclined to

(do something); unwilling to do something. I am disinclined to allow you to leave class early. They were disinclined to allow us to enter the country.
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Pregnant women with heart problems are disinclined to travel long distances to see specialists, so it is important that local primary-care physicians and nurses have the necessary information to deal with the condition.
Small wonder that these colleges were disinclined to rely on the regional university center strategy.
But the Europeans will be slow or worse to eliminate disincentives to work and job creation, and the Japanese will remain disinclined to consume as long as they continue to doubt their government's ability and commitment to carry on providing for the retired while creating opportunity for the young.
Surrounded by the trappings of prosperity (albeit, in most instances, purchased on credit) and marinated in rhetoric equating democracy with freedom, most Americans are disinclined to think deeply about the actions of the government that rules them.
Remind her that you are partly what she made you, that you and the others are disinclined to change but that she could if she wanted.
I understand that I might forget to wear it, but I'm disinclined to give up my dignity.
Asked whether the administration simply needs to offer the sugar industry more to get its support, Yeutter responded, "I think they [those in the administration] are disinclined to do much more for sugar.
We are particularly targeting young people who seem disinclined to vote.
Americans can "no longer depend on the press--its powers and responsibilities enshrined in the First Amendment--to keep [their presidents] honest," Alterman laments, the only speculates why this is the case: reporters' deference to the high office, their belief that Americans will not tolerate a reporter labeling a president a liar, the insular nature of Washington culture, or the reality that some journalists are ideologically disinclined to challenge the lies in question.
residents, not illegal aliens who might be disinclined to seek medical care, Morgenstern says.
Many people find that their eyes water and get sore for only a few days of the year and are therefore disinclined to use preventative eye drops for several weeks during the hay fever season.
And although such a practice is illegal, Strasburg warned that some landlords may feel disinclined to rent to families with young children.