dish on

dish on (someone or something)

slang To gossip about someone or something. Those popular girls are always dishing on someone in our class.
See also: dish, on

dish on someone

Sl. to gossip about or slander someone. Stop dishing on her. She never hurt you! They spent an hour dishing on Wally.
See also: dish, on
References in classic literature ?
She set the dish on, touched my guardian quietly on the arm with a finger to notify that dinner was ready, and vanished.
Alice had seated herself on the bank of a little brook, with the great dish on her knees, and was sawing away diligently with the knife.
His voice yet echoed in the archway when a handsome, graceful, and half-naked young man appeared, bearing a fowl in a silver dish on his head, without the assistance of his hands.
But Lady Catherine seemed gratified by their excessive admiration, and gave most gracious smiles, especially when any dish on the table proved a novelty to them.