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disgusted at (someone or something)

Very unhappy or disappointed with someone or something. I am totally disgusted at you for stealing money out of my purse. Why would you do something so sneaky?
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Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

A name commonly applied to someone who writes in to a newspaper to express anger, usually related to their passionate conservative views on politics. Tunbridge Wells is an English town that was viewed as old-fashioned in the early 20th century. Primarily heard in UK. A: "The editors says we've got another letter from Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells. B: "OK, what are they going on about this time?"
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disgusted with (someone or something)

Very unhappy or disappointed with someone or something. I am totally disgusted with you for stealing money out of my purse. Why would you do something so sneaky?
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*disgusted at

someone or something; severely disappointed at someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) We were disgusted at her incessant lying. Sam was disgusted at her.
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*disgusted with

(someone or something); severely disappointed over someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) I am totally disgusted with Ellen. We are all disgusted with the fall in the company's profits.
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Ransom's response is quite telling, because it shows the complete incompatibility of the idea of sexual desire with a perfect, innocent world: "Oh, sexless!" said Ransom disgustedly. "All right, if you like.
Dad tried some long crossers twice, but disgustedly came up empty, giving me an "I told you so" look each time.
The white beat cops who discover this situation disgustedly express their bafflement with people who can continue to "live in such filth" (8) without attempting some kind of substantial change, and while Himes's fictions routinely present the opinions of white representatives of police power in Harlem in order to undercut the authority of their perspective, the Reverend Sam's house is disgusting in profoundly unhygienic ways that the narration stresses: "rusted bed springs, broken emery stones, rotting harness, dead cats, dog offal, puddles of stinking garbage, and swarms of bottle flies, house flies, gnats, mosquitoes" (8).
The woman repeated disgustedly, 'There were thousands of them.'
Earls then dropped a high ball and showed his frustration by kicking it disgustedly off the pitch.
Molly came back from her party recently, emptied the contents on the kitchen table, pointed at the yellow flat bit of rubber and said, rather disgustedly, "What is that?"
This is the sort of work that divides audiences - some viewers will stare at it disgustedly, thinking it's all a con, while others will be fascinated by how the artist manages to physically resemble his subjects, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.
He looks disgustedly on the ruins of the city-state of Manhattan that has moved underground into shelters.
Nick doesn't show up for work, he ignores his parents and two young sons, and he disgustedly rebuffs his wife while he embarks on an affair with rob's equally disturbed sister Belinda.
air," Moussaoui noted disgustedly in April 2002 in moving for the
I disgustedly slung my cameras over my shoulder and started helping.
And 25-year-old Pagan David stuck the knife into both of them, stating disgustedly "F*** teddies".
Ana disgustedly says to Pancha, "It just amazes me to hear you talk the way you do.
Benedick perched precariously on the branches while eavesdropping, and disgustedly threw a peach at Don Pedro's head when Don Pedro remarked that Benedick was "unworthy so good a lady." Hero and Ursula sat, with difficulty due to their elaborate costumes, on peaches while discussing Benedick, occasionally using them to bounce around the stage; and they piled peaches on top of Beatrice, who was hiding in a cart to listen to their conversation.