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disgusted at (someone or something)

Very unhappy or disappointed with someone or something. I am totally disgusted at you for stealing money out of my purse. Why would you do something so sneaky?
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Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

A name commonly applied to someone who writes in to a newspaper to express anger, usually related to their passionate conservative views on politics. Tunbridge Wells is an English town that was viewed as old-fashioned in the early 20th century. Primarily heard in UK. A: "The editors says we've got another letter from Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells. B: "OK, what are they going on about this time?"
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disgusted with (someone or something)

Very unhappy or disappointed with someone or something. I am totally disgusted with you for stealing money out of my purse. Why would you do something so sneaky?
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*disgusted at

someone or something; severely disappointed at someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) We were disgusted at her incessant lying. Sam was disgusted at her.
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*disgusted with

(someone or something); severely disappointed over someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) I am totally disgusted with Ellen. We are all disgusted with the fall in the company's profits.
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If rendering trauma as beautiful or sublime works against real witnessing, being merely disgusted is not itself an ethical response to trauma either.
Ngai argues that tolerance is the "very antithesis of disgust" and claims "disgusted tolerance" (336) to be an impossibility.
As a normal person with a heart, I will never be disgusted. Instead, my heart goes to them.
I can only fully agree with the opinions of the two sad but merciful people who replied ( February 8) to the first "so sad and disgusted"...
You have told her that you are "repulsed, disgusted, and disappointed", and are now surprised that, having told her that her opinions repulse, disgust and disappoint you, she is no longer speaking to you!
"He's a doctor--why is he so disgusted by naked bodies?
She was so disgusted by its writhing, creepy-crawly form that she could not face lettuce for a long time.
But I am also instructed by the fact that my cultural counterparts are disgusted by what disgusts me, more or less.
We wish we could have seen your reaction, because a British research team has assured us that we would know if you were disgusted. In fact, those researchers have pinpointed the brain's disgustometer, which they say resides in the insula and putamen.
Archibald rapped: "I'm disappointed with Gareth and disgusted with Alloa over the whole affair.
It is as a disgusted self that I inscribe my quality and lineaments into the stuff of the world, and as a hating self that I set the seal of my personality on a universe reluctant but vulnerable like myself.
It impels us to steer clear of deviance, both to avoid the acute discomfort of being disgusted with ourselves, and to avoid the unpleasant consequences of being the object of the disgust of others.
Disgusted by freethought groups whose members congregated only to "growl" about religion, she initiated a society in which action was required, attracting so many members that her Materialist Association became one of the largest freethought groups in the United States.
Short-term profits soared, but at the expense of a work force that became increasingly disgusted with its treatment.
An exacting rejectionist who keeps a file of Renaissance and Baroque reproductions on hand to fuel the disgust that he finds central to any creative effort, Pure is especially disgusted by the relationship between food and art: "Too interdependent.