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disgusted at (someone or something)

Very unhappy or disappointed with someone or something. I am totally disgusted at you for stealing money out of my purse. Why would you do something so sneaky?
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Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

A name commonly applied to someone who writes in to a newspaper to express anger, usually related to their passionate conservative views on politics. Tunbridge Wells is an English town that was viewed as old-fashioned in the early 20th century. Primarily heard in UK. A: "The editors says we've got another letter from Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells. B: "OK, what are they going on about this time?"
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disgusted with (someone or something)

Very unhappy or disappointed with someone or something. I am totally disgusted with you for stealing money out of my purse. Why would you do something so sneaky?
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*disgusted at

someone or something; severely disappointed at someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) We were disgusted at her incessant lying. Sam was disgusted at her.
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*disgusted with

(someone or something); severely disappointed over someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; grow ~.) I am totally disgusted with Ellen. We are all disgusted with the fall in the company's profits.
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A singular category for Kant, profoundly troubling his aesthetic schema, disgust cannot be transfigured into either sublimity or the disinterested appraisal of beauty.
When we come into contact with potentially toxic influences, disgust is a perfectly natural and healthy response.
Disgust Readers shared their views over theft of a memorial tree grown in soil containing the ashes of the son of Winnie McGougan pictured with her daughter Jackie Burns
This is the first time researchers have used the perspective of disease to break the emotion of disgust into its component parts, and identify six common categories triggering disgust -- the others being skin conditions such as having lesions or boils, food that is rotting or has gone off and having an atypical appearance such as deformity.
Speaking toLive Science, Dr Kelly explained that pimple-popping videos provide a safe place to feel disgust - an emotion that exists primarily to protect you.
In addition, the clinical literature suggests that disgust is highly associated with avoidance and rejection of that which is disgusting (Olatunji & Sawchuk, 2005; Rozin, Haidt, & McCauley, 2008).
' Disgust & duty' He spent some brief moments at the reception and followed up his visit with a series of tweets.
Nearly 150 study participants, the majority of whom were nonsmokers, were asked to watch six antismoking television ads and rate their feelings of fear and disgust. The ads showed images such as a doctor removing fatty deposits from the aorta of a deceased smoker and former smokers showing the physical effects of smoking, such as teeth loss.
It has been assumed that the child acquires disgust responses towards particular objects via some form of parent--child transmission (Rozin and Fallon 1987; Tomkins 1963).
The author examines the aesthetics and representation of disgust and repulsion in contemporary fiction by eight female authors writing in French and German: Marie Darrieussecq, Amelie Nothomb, Lorette Nobecourt, Alina Reyes, Sibylle Berg, Jenny Erpenbeck, Monika Maron, and Charlotte Roche.
SCIENTISTS MAY have uncovered the evolutionary reasoning behind why we go wide-eyed with fear and squint in disgust. New research suggests that such facial expressions may have evolved from reacting to stimuli in the environment to increase visual sensitivity and acuity.
Preston, an English research fellow at Macquarie U., presents a groundbreaking study of Charles Dickens' autobiographical novels, focusing on how he represents motherly figures with disgust. These include David Copperfield, Bleak House, and Great Expectations.
On the relationships between disgust and morality: A critical review
My florid language attempts to verbally translate director Louie Psihoyos's framing of the hunt as dramatic and disgusting, to raise questions about what happens when we publicly perform feelings of disgust. The Cove is a useful text through which to think about these questions: a kind of ecothriller, it includes disgusting footage of the dolphin killing, but it also narrates the desperation and daring with which its team acquired that footage and models responses to witnessing it.
This example of the psychology of disgust and contamination provides the psychological underpinnings for the entire book.