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disentangle (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To untangle someone or something from someone or something else. There are so many cords plugged into this outlet that it will take us all day to disentangle each from the other. I had to disentangle the twins from each other a few times when they started fighting over a toy, but otherwise they were very well behaved.
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disentangle someone or something from someone or something

to untangle someone or something from someone or something. I helped disentangle Tony from the coils of ropes he had stumbled into. They worked feverishly to disentangle the dolphin from the net. He disentangled himself from the net.
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It was attributed to that there were much more chain entanglements in UL-10 due to the high SC and more chain disentanglements occurred in the presence of a lot of LDPE under shearing field.
It lowers the cohesive forces which maintain the tie molecules in the crystallites, thus facilitating their "pull-out" and disentanglement from the lamellae [24].
Immediately after the disentanglement, she was diving faster, she was diving much longer, and those dives were almost twice as deep as when she was still entangled in the fishing gear.
He was trying to sneak up on it, the routine of a disentanglement attempt: When the whale comes up for air, the boat zips in and the knife wielder leans over the side and gets a few seconds to hack at the ropes.
This desire for disentanglement is undermined by the novel as it shows the impossibility of overcoming animal traits in all characters, including Beast-Folk and their British masters.
Researchers in the field have thus far successfully controlled amplitude and phase damping noises that cause disentanglement.
From the perspective of this reviewer, this conclusion is grossly mistaken; nevertheless, Kawashima's focus on the combination of the sources rather than simply on their disentanglement is both appropriate and welcome.
A particularly original aspect of De Boer's critique of Hegelian absolute negativity comes to the fore when she convincingly shows that, for all his disdain of clean-cut oppositions, Hegel needs neat disentanglement as the first step of his integrationist operations.
Because of the narrowing of the period, the excerpts form a much more coherent narrative of developments in the teaching of grammar and rhetoric across this century, particularly the disentanglement of grammar from logic and the elevation of grammar to an art of knowledge revealed through a deep understanding of syntax and its principles of agreement.
Its only hope was to be cut free - so the South African Whale Disentanglement Network scrambled to the scene off the Cape Town coast.
North and South Sudan are currently engaged in floundering talks over a wide-array of issues related to the disentanglement of the two states, including citizenship, sharing of oil revenues and external debts.
He locates the impetus for this disentanglement of words from things in an anxiety about the influence of diabolical rhetoric, an influence detected in the discourses of zealous religion and nefarious magic.
In other words, the cognitive is not separated from the conative and the aesthetic and the concept of "wellbeing" in Ayurveda is intrinsically related to the notion of life--and its fundamental objectives and means--where the disentanglement of the intellectual from the ethical and material from the spiritual are impossible.
This involves creating a disentanglement team to identify cross-company interdependencies and plan for their resolution.