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disentangle (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To untangle someone or something from someone or something else. There are so many cords plugged into this outlet that it will take us all day to disentangle each from the other. I had to disentangle the twins from each other a few times when they started fighting over a toy, but otherwise they were very well behaved.
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disentangle someone or something from someone or something

to untangle someone or something from someone or something. I helped disentangle Tony from the coils of ropes he had stumbled into. They worked feverishly to disentangle the dolphin from the net. He disentangled himself from the net.
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The plots and subplots have been disentangled, their chronology sorted, their characters' motives clarified, and their language simplified, but Timson's careful synopses seamlessly incorporate so much of the imagery and so many of Shakespeare's lines and soliloquies from actual performances by leading actors into the kid-friendly framework that the stories retain a distinctly Shakespearean flavor.
What in one viewing looked like Americanized pieces of Cartier-Bresson poetic doubling in another couldn't be disentangled from a set of densely stratified spatial and perceptual conundrums that at once posit the transparency of photography and question it at every level.
The design process is significantly simplified and accelerated, as it is disentangled from the use of pre-characterized inductor libraries.
A I THINK I've just about disentangled this sad and sorry tale.
"With flashing, the complexity of onboard electrics and electronics can be disentangled, making it possible to develop, produce or service hardware and software separately from each other," says Dr.
I CAN'T be seen hanging out with losers, so I disentangled myself from Gwyneth and dashed over to congratulate Cate Blanchett.
Tabaksblat suggested that other avenues should now be pursued in a spirit of deregulation, and that complex issues should be disentangled so that Eurocrats can make progress on some of them, at least.
The dense network of cultural affairs at the Prague court is disentangled in Kaufmann's interesting discussion of the events surrounding the entry of Rudolf II in Vienna in 1577.
In the rubbery region, the crosslinks function in the same manner as entanglements; except that they are permanent, and are not disentangled by Brownian motion.