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disentangle (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To untangle someone or something from someone or something else. There are so many cords plugged into this outlet that it will take us all day to disentangle each from the other. I had to disentangle the twins from each other a few times when they started fighting over a toy, but otherwise they were very well behaved.
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disentangle someone or something from someone or something

to untangle someone or something from someone or something. I helped disentangle Tony from the coils of ropes he had stumbled into. They worked feverishly to disentangle the dolphin from the net. He disentangled himself from the net.
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Who will disentangle the love of one's own people, which is a great quality, from the dislike of another people?
The authors cite several potential limitations of their study, including the lack of information about the timing of the behaviors studied (which made it impossible to disentangle cause and effect), the unavailability of data from both parents and the wording of the items defining the risk behaviors.
Stephen Fry's "Bright Young Things" looks like it will be the first project to successfully disentangle itself from FilmFour and find a home elsewhere.
The National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine formed a committee of national experts and practitioners of early childhood development to "update scientific knowledge about the nature of early development and the role of early experiences, to disentangle such knowledge from erroneous popular beliefs .
It's just difficult to disentangle these factors" from sleep in assessing the effects of each on diabetes risk, Nilsson says.
Religious and cultural differences are sometimes difficult to disentangle, says Dana Yala.
Azcarraga added that, in order to disentangle television from politics, he will urge the government to change the laws on TV ratings reports, which are often subject to manipulation.
It seems that in order to keep the world alive we must keep telling stories, like Scheherazade in A Thousand and One Nights, as we struggle to disentangle ourselves from what has become a deceptive "cult of images.
In other words, stretching would have to be so rapid that entangled molecules did not have time to disentangle.
Far from being a backwater of liturgical concerns, the traditional rites of this region constitute a vitally important source of information for the earliest forms of Eucharistic prayers used by Christians, but it is by no means an easy task to disentangle the various strata within their texts in order to arrive at their ancient cores.
Yet the point of the serious historian, Chomsky pertinently observes, is "to disentangle motive from myth.
Significantly, EPRA provides a grace period until July 1, 1990, for physicians to disentangle themselves from relationships that would result in prohibited referrals.
Inequality in America comes in many forms, says Caliendo, and while he focuses here on race and poverty, he argues that it is impossible to disentangle other types of inequality from issues related to race and economics.
Meanwhile, John plays a dangerous game with Vicky to disentangle himself from their relationship.