disengage from (someone or something)

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disengage from (someone or something)

1. To withdraw from someone or something. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun can be used between "disengage" and "from." When she gets that negative, I just have to disengage from her since she's not going to listen to me anyway.
2. To remove or detach something from something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "disengage" and "from." We need to disengage these shelves from the wall so that we can paint over here.
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disengage (oneself) from someone or something

to detach oneself from someone or something; to untangle oneself from someone or something. I wanted to disengage myself from the person I was talking to and go home. We disengaged from the argument.
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disengage something from something

to detach something from something. Sally disengaged the locking mechanism from the cupboard door and peeked in. The coupling was disengaged from the boxcar, and the car separated and rolled away.
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References in classic literature ?
But to her utter amazement she found that to proceed along the room was by no means the way to disengage themselves from the crowd; it seemed rather to increase as they went on, whereas she had imagined that when once fairly within the door, they should easily find seats and be able to watch the dances with perfect convenience.
By conducting covert and subversive form of warfare, the aim of the detractors would be to enrage the Pakistani public and policymakers in order to disengage themselves from the peace settlement process.
Consequently, they disengage themselves from leveraging on the power and valuable intelligence of their employee voice to innovate, grow, and create value.
In essence, since every man is a political animal, Christians with their Godliness cannot disengage themselves from politics.'
The strength of Sidon is in the dignity of its people, their adherence to coexistence and refusal to disengage themselves from their environment and their partners in the nation.
"The Houthi rebels have no choice other than laying down their arms, pull out from Sanaa and other cities, and disengage themselves from their Iranian patrons so that peace security and stability can be restored," Makkawi stressed.
Usually these people disengage themselves from morality; they use it for their own purposes so they can dehumanize people."
Although the said assertion seems appealing as African countries were vehemently concentrating on political considerations from the dawn of independence until the 1990s, many African countries have been thriving to combine their efforts to reach the apex of interdependence through regional economic communities so as to disengage themselves from dependency, suffering, indignity, hunger, instability, violence and other harrowing realities in every villages of Africa over the past decade.
This is because they have exhausted all other options and the public have built up pressure on them to disengage themselves from the futile and pyrrhic wars and hold substantive dialogue with the warring factions on the basis of 'give and take' policy to bring peace and stability in the region.
Exporting and importing countries cannot easily disengage themselves from their earlier commitments.
Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva had told the parliament that the armed forces will disengage themselves from civil administration, but whether this and other similar promises are implemented in reality remains to be seen.
It is time for the ruling elite and the opposition to disengage themselves from phony issues and do something real for the masses, not for the sake of the masses but for the sake of the democratic system.
Commenting on the Syrian stand, the Palestinian source said, "The Syrians choose when they have a connection with the Palestinian issue and when they do not have one," adding that "The Syrians--so as not to anger the Americans--chose to disengage themselves from their commitment to the traditional Syrian pan-Arab stand toward the Palestinian issue," as quoted by ASHARQ AL AWSAT.
This theme is evident throughout the book as Frances charts the various ways in which women have been involved in selling sex in Australia, and the actions they have taken to either engage or disengage themselves from it.
Greenspan concludes his chapter on energy by stating, "Until industrial economies disengage themselves from, as President George W.