disengage from

disengage from (someone or something)

1. To withdraw from someone or something. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun can be used between "disengage" and "from." When she gets that negative, I just have to disengage from her since she's not going to listen to me anyway.
2. To remove or detach something from something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "disengage" and "from." We need to disengage these shelves from the wall so that we can paint over here.
See also: disengage

disengage (oneself) from someone or something

to detach oneself from someone or something; to untangle oneself from someone or something. I wanted to disengage myself from the person I was talking to and go home. We disengaged from the argument.
See also: disengage

disengage something from something

to detach something from something. Sally disengaged the locking mechanism from the cupboard door and peeked in. The coupling was disengaged from the boxcar, and the car separated and rolled away.
See also: disengage
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Their action is all the more disappointing because Samsung has for some time aggressively sought to identify and disengage from any customers engaged in illegitimate business practices.
26, 1995, will be within the range of 23 cents to 25 cents per share before giving effect to the July 11, 1995, announcement reporting a 24 cent per share after tax reserve that represents the estimated cost to disengage from its financial support of Sunbelt Nursery Group Inc.
Chiron, Ortho and Organon Teknika also have agreed to disengage from all litigation in the United Kingdom and countries covered by the European patent.
Based on the negotiations to date, the company has estimated the cost to disengage from its financial support of Sunbelt to range from $14 million to $17.
Prime Minister Sharon's visionary plan, endorsed by the Knesset, to disengage from the Gaza Strip is a bold and necessary step toward achieving a permanent Israeli-Palestinian peace," said David A.
We should disengage from this chaotic situation our Government has helped to create and bring our boys home at the earliest opportunity.
Somehow, though, the pair couldn't disengage from their own conflict, and the plane went down, killing all 70 aboard.
Consolidating the financial results of insurance and other financial services has no impact on 1992 reported earnings per share or the company's strategic decision to disengage from these businesses to concentrate on its core document processing business, Xerox said.
It's unfortunate that they have chosen to disengage from discussions about how we will build the project in the county.
Fusion's industry-leading Intra-Ductal Exchange technology allows the wire guide to disengage from the device within the ductal system, permitting device withdrawal and exchange while allowing the operator to maintain complete control of the wire at all times.
This act is forcing some financial services firms to separate and in some cases disengage from clients for whom they perform both roles, leaving the playing field wide open for firms like Sirius.
The Company has indicated that the purpose of the merger is to reincorporate in Nevada and to disengage from the Company's traditional business in the lighting industry.
We are disappointed with the delays in shipments due to the situation with our Italian operations, but remain firm in our decision to disengage from these operations this year as part of our global strategy to consolidate manufacturing capacity.
So the temptation for the American novelist is to disengage from society and from experience: it's cheaper, it fits better with the current idea of genius, it's easier on the legs, and it's a political-cultural role that seems to make sense, given the place the country makes for its serious writers.
Factors under investigation include stress wave propagation when the explosive is detonated and how the explosive fractures the nut; how the nut halves disengage from the stud and how details of the release affect the stud motion; and finally, how the nut halves rebound from the blast container and recontact the stud.