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disembark from (something)

To step off of something, typically a mode of transportation. After enduring so much turbulence, everyone was thrilled to disembark from the plane.
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disembark from something

to get off a ship, plane, or train. We disembark from the ship in Manaus. At what time do we expect to disembark from the plane?
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References in classic literature ?
The captain was only waiting for his passengers; hardly had they put foot on deck ere her head was turned towards Hastings, where they were to disembark. At this instant the three friends turned, in spite of themselves, a last look on the rock, upon the menacing figure which pursued them and now stood out with a distinctness still.
"He certainly does not occupy it, since he has not yet arrived; but, once disembarked, he will occupy it."
"Once a passenger disembarks, the luggage needs to go through another round of scanning but Turkish Airlines took off with the luggage still aboard."
During the delay, around 50 passengers stuck waiting on the plane canceled their travel plans and disembarked, but the flight eventually took off for Istanbul with their baggage still aboard.