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disembark from (something)

To step off of something, typically a mode of transportation. After enduring so much turbulence, everyone was thrilled to disembark from the plane.
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disembark from something

to get off a ship, plane, or train. We disembark from the ship in Manaus. At what time do we expect to disembark from the plane?
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He asked Mr Kalloo to give him draft of the resolution he wanted to move in the house so that he could check if there was any illegality in the disembarking of Mr Hamza.
After disembarking in the US, Qatar-based Al Jazeera is continuing to expand globally with the upcoming launch of a U.K.-branded news channel and advanced plans for a French-language news arm.
All Nippon Airways said it plans to remove a ban on cellphones during boarding and disembarking from that day, while Japan Airlines said it intends to consider what to do in light of customers' comfort and convenience.
In 2009, the highest numbers of passengers embarking or disembarking in
Upon disembarking in the airport, the two journalists were interrogated twice and, since the afternoon, they were locked up in a hall in the airport under the surveillance of six policemen, the source added.
By doing so you not only ensure a space for you bag, but you'll also have an easier exit when disembarking.
For others, the option of disembarking to enjoy a range of soft outdoor adventure and cultural experiences would seem to have tremendous appeal.
Upon disembarking in London, I checked into The Dorchester hotel on Park Lane--the epitome of sophistication.
Since no other exposure could be found within 10 days of onset for patients B and C, their probable source of infection is contact with patient A while in flight, boarding, or disembarking flight AF 171.
However, another spokesman claims that passengers were given the option of disembarking when the aircraft returned to the gates after just 13 minutes but 'Many people didn't take advantage of that'.
18 Kyodo The Fukuoka municipal government has banned since September crew of Chinese vessels that transport fresh fish to Hakata port from disembarking, in an attempt to control a recent influx of illegal immigrants, city officials said Thursday.
and followed it to Masuda port, where they allegedly saw people disembarking.
The clip shows a boy disembarking with a school bus attendant from his own bus and was about to cross the street to an open-gated villa.
There would be three designated disembarking points Bahria University, Expo Centre and Raana Liaquat Ali Khan Govt Girls College.
The two other glitches happened during the morning commute, disembarking nearly a thousand passengers.