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disembark from (something)

To step off of something, typically a mode of transportation. After enduring so much turbulence, everyone was thrilled to disembark from the plane.
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disembark from something

to get off a ship, plane, or train. We disembark from the ship in Manaus. At what time do we expect to disembark from the plane?
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Thinacheithi' learnt that when the Indonesian Police fired and the women who disembarked sustained injuries.
Dozens of foreign troops reportedly disembarked at the Yemeni Aden port hours after revolutionaries advanced into the Southern Yemeni city.
The fire was quickly extinguished and all 349 passengers and 19 crew safely disembarked the aircraft at the airport terminal.
There were 219 passengers on board the aircraft and they all safely disembarked.
All passengers disembarked the aircraft without incident.
He said: "However, it is possible he disembarked safely and was not spotted by the cameras.
The vessel crew did not maintain definitive written documentation to show that specific individuals disembarked, including Patrick McDermott," the report stated.
Passengers disembarked via the emergency chute as a "precaution".
A "Following this, the MP disembarked from the aircraft on his own.
As we disembarked I asked him what his favourite part of the trip was.
I remembered that just as we were approaching the iron gates, having just disembarked from a train.
The catamaran was towed in to Pier Head dock, where the 294 passengers and crew - on their way back from the Isle if Man - disembarked safely.
A Coventry Airport spokesman said 60 passengers were on one plane and 80 on the other and all disembarked safely, before getting coaches back to Birmingham.
During the stopover in Bangkok, he disembarked with the passengers on the flight from Hanoi to Bangkok and then reboarded the plane before the passengers who embarked in Bangkok.
After a three-hour boat ride upriver from the lodge, we disembarked at an inconspicuous spot and walked the half mile to the community.