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disembark from (something)

To step off of something, typically a mode of transportation. After enduring so much turbulence, everyone was thrilled to disembark from the plane.
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disembark from something

to get off a ship, plane, or train. We disembark from the ship in Manaus. At what time do we expect to disembark from the plane?
See also: disembark
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By assuming another series of ironic identities - as the author on a series of title-pages from nineteenth-century slave narratives - Ligon demonstrates that African Americans are still trying "to disembark.
Due to internal politics between the crew and ship owners and managers, Ali said, sometimes the crew refuse to disembark before taking their wages.
Holyhead - Dublin Port Day Trip from *PS5 per person allows you the chance to disembark and enjoy a little time exploring Ireland.
It was about 2am when we were allowed to disembark and go into the airport.
Passengers choosing reserved seats are amongst the first passengers allowed to board and to disembark the aircraft.
The drivers complete the routes manned by Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) only during the daytime while they disembark passengers, in some cases forcibly, at night in the middle of the way.
April 2013 is the earliest date and then it is only promised to be a one-off and we must have the first class facilities required to embark and disembark the passengers.
To disembark, Steiner jumps off of the wing and safely parachutes to the ground in Upper Styria, Austria Picture: MARKUS ZINNER/RED BULL PHOTOFILES
Local airport authorities helped the passengers and crew to disembark the aircraft safely.
But passengers had to wait four hours before they could disembark.
The aircraft was making its way to the terminal building to enable the passengers to disembark, when its front wheel got stuck in a grassy patch at the edge of the taxiway.
you return to your cabin and prepare to disembark at Calais, in the north of France, at 1:30 p.
The four-day cruise will embark in Kahului, Maui every Tuesday and include: one day in Kona, Hawai`i; two days in Nawiliwili, Kauai; and disembark every Saturday in Honolulu, O`ahu.
The ship is now closest to Malta and waiting to disembark the rescued people.