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discuss (someone or something) with (one)

To speak to one about someone or something. I'm going to discuss this problem with Carole and try to come up with a solution. How could you make such a big decision without discussing it with me?
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discuss someone or something with someone

to talk about someone or something with someone. I need to discuss Mickey with you. We need to discuss compensation with the boss.
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In my small group we had been discussing Gulliver's Truvels, specifically the passage concerning the Lilliputians' burial methods.
Larry Cohen introduced the subject by discussing relevant legal aspects of IP for the tax practitioner.
Amid complaints that academic subjects are irrelevant to their lives, students feel more engaged when discussing topics that riley are seeing and hearing about in the media.
Second is the "inclusion of the excluded." Kysar devotes a chapter to discussing both the passages that are included in the Revised Common Lectionary and those passages that are left out of the lectionary.
In discussing current production, Rohatgi commended Eck Industries as a leader in the production of CMMCs.
Yet, by discussing Afro-Cuban cabilodos together with other types of Afro-Cuban voluntary associations, such as sociedades de cor which virtually replaced the former at the mid-nineteenth century, rather than separating them from one another, the book successfully presents a good survey on Afro-Cubans' voluntary associations and their collective actions in rigorous pursuit of freedom and political equality in Cuban society.
By discussing value, price and terms up front, you will diminish these emotions' negative impact on the customer, not to mention your firm's profitability.
The final piece of the model is to reflect upon the action chosen by discussing the resulting action and/or diagnosing how the situation could have been prevented (an example of learning from hindsight to improve future decisions).
Eickelman relies on a few authorities when discussing Afghanistan in the text, namely, Robert Canfield, Richard and Nancy Tapper, and to a lesser extent Jon Anderson (the works of Benedicte Grima, Margaret Mills, and Audrey Shalinsky are cited but not incorporated into the text).
Boberg and Boberg (1990) in discussing relationships of persons who stutter noted that "two thirds of the courtships were conducted by means of dates as couples, rather than in a larger social group" (p.64).
If your lawyer objects to discussing legal fees up front, get another attorney, says Gregory Gorman, a partner with Allen, Matkins, Leck, Gamble & Mallory in Los Angeles.
In discussing proposals for administrative improvements, the AICPA once again recommended that a third party be allowed to discuss a notice and its related account with the IRS, based on the third party's submission of a personal identification number (PIN) set forth on the notice sent to the taxpayer.
For example, in discussing Joplin's first monetarily rewarding composition (and probably his most famous), "Maple Leaf Rag," Berlin ventures a discussion of how music instrument dealer John Stark came to hear, and publish, Joplin's piece.
Usually, the content of such courses consists of adopting one philosophical framework and discussing hypothetical or researched ethical dilemmas within that framework.(1) To be sure, examples of ethical dilemmas for criminal justice students and practitioners can be gathered from newspapers, books in the field, and journal articles.
The statement noted that he discussed the mistakes of some militias, and the need for treatment and scrutiny so as terrorism can not benefit from illegal and irresponsible acts by these militias, in addition to discussing the situation in the province of Nineveh, and the need to build local police.