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discuss (someone or something) with (one)

To speak to one about someone or something. I'm going to discuss this problem with Carole and try to come up with a solution. How could you make such a big decision without discussing it with me?
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discuss someone or something with someone

to talk about someone or something with someone. I need to discuss Mickey with you. We need to discuss compensation with the boss.
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[14] Lamjed Ben Jabeur, Lynda Tamine and Mohand Boughanem, "Active microbloggers: identifying influencers, leaders and discussers in microblogging networks," in Proc.
Students must attend regularly in order to pass and therefore are likely to remain true to their own good intentions; furthermore, they can count on their peers to stick around, allowing them all to increasingly trust and respect each other--growing together as writers and discussers of writing as the semester builds, week by week.
For example, Brown described comic book fans as groups of highly motivated discussers of cultural knowledge (1997, p.
Online messages generated by anonymous or pseudonymous discussers from certain speech communities not only reflect cultural identity properties but also exhibit group identification processes.
Limited as discussers are to the pace and vagaries of email, at least they can't all talk at once (as we tend to do on controversial subjects at my shop's editorial board meetings).
The misunderstanding dialogues between Jesus and the discussers betray three aspects of a crisis within Johannine Christianity: (a) the obsolescence of the synoptic (Petrine) interpretation of the feeding and sea-crossing narratives; (b) the struggle between the Johannine community and the Synagogue; (c) the centrifugal consequences of docetizing tendencies within Johannine Christianity.