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discuss (someone or something) with (one)

To speak to one about someone or something. I'm going to discuss this problem with Carole and ideally come up with a solution. How could you make such a big decision without discussing it with me?
See also: discuss

discuss someone or something with someone

to talk about someone or something with someone. I need to discuss Mickey with you. We need to discuss compensation with the boss.
See also: discuss
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During the meeting they also discuss the security situation in Anbar and supporting efforts to address terrorist gangs through the development of arming the armed forces, in addition to discussing the subject of the National Guard and the efforts of law and order to prepare legislation to take in a range of application.
Principle one reviews proper posture, sizing the violin and angles of the head and violin Principles two and three discuss right and left hands, arms and wrists and different movements, Reducing ulnar deviation in both hands also is examined.
Discuss how wood is turned into chips for the pulping operation.
Certain new or revised sections of the Nonbanking Activities chapter provide supervisory and inspection guidance or they discuss the Board's authorizations or staff interpretations:
CPAs are licensed by their state, and we discuss with students the profession's concern about the complexity of different state licensure requirements because some large-firm partners must be licensed in numerous states.
Playwright Suzan-Lori Parks will sign and discuss her novel Getting Mother's Body on May 17, at 7 P.
Discuss objectives, strategies, budget and customer groups identified and targeted.
Day 1: Discuss historical documents (newspaper articles and the Transportation Act of 1718) and give mini lecture.
Discuss how a health educator would use the social marketing planning framework to design an intervention on a target health promotion topic (i.
See a commercial timber operation and discuss wetlands rehabilitation operations
The submissions discuss the history of library-labor interaction, as well as the ways in which libraries are currently working with union groups to provide research assistance and to facilitate the use of evolving technologies.
July 8 -- Consumer Alert's Executive Director Frances Smith appeared on Fox News Channel to discuss the exaggerated health benefits of organic foods.
Finally, the team needed to meet on a recurring basis to discuss and synthesize significant logistics issues and problems to benchmark what courses of action would be necessary to improve those processes and in turn, improve Navy competitiveness in the international FMS arena.
Then have them discuss, visually represent, and then present their conclusions about the age group in regard to social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual stages.