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discuss (someone or something) with (one)

To speak to one about someone or something. I'm going to discuss this problem with Carole and try to come up with a solution. How could you make such a big decision without discussing it with me?
See also: discuss

discuss someone or something with someone

to talk about someone or something with someone. I need to discuss Mickey with you. We need to discuss compensation with the boss.
See also: discuss
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A class where students discuss the risks in an industry you are familiar with may not require much preparation time.
Discuss "Cinderella or Bluebeard: The Double Plot of Evelina" by Kenneth W.
Discuss how the Theory of Reasoned Action and Theory of Planned Behavior help to explain dietary supplement use in young athletes.
In addition to describing the creation and implementation of this program, I discuss the findings of my informal e-mail survey of fifty-three libraries and the findings of more in-depth phone interviews with academic librarians providing outreach services to labor unions.
Customer services and support to discuss FMS logistics issues
Discussing gratuities in the same fashion used to discuss honesty may be illustrative, beginning with a cup of coffee provided gratuitously and gradually increasing the value and size of the gratuity until the offer in question becomes perceived as unethical.
The structure of the book also causes confusion, for it necessitates that de Weever discuss the same author and even the same novel in several different chapters, and even in several different parts of a single chapter.
will discuss the Paradyne Multimold system on which a patent has been applied for.
These luncheons have become famous within the industry as a place to meet other active real estate professional and discuss deals.
The three sections of this book, containing a total of fifteen chapters, discuss the different ways children learn music.
The examination strategy and risk-focused examinations section is revised to discuss (a) Section 109 of the Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994, which prohibits any bank from establishing or acquiring a branch or branches outside of its home state for the purpose of deposit production; and (b) an amendment (approved by the Board and the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), effective October 1, 2002) that conforms the uniform rule (see Regulation H, section 208.
This course will discuss chemistry and application of a variety of additives specifically used in coatings to enhance properties.
Also, she had two paraprofessionals who worked in the classroom, so she could discuss their significant contribution to the students' program.
The majority of young people think that health care providers should discuss sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), smoking, and drug and alcohol use with them, but much smaller proportions report that a provider actually has done so.
3-6 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, as a number of foundry industry "characters" showed up to discuss environmental concerns and upcoming regulatory issues.