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discriminate against (someone or something)

To impose limitations on a particular person or group for prejudicial reasons. Those who continue to discriminate against people of color will continue to meet resistance from those who believe in equality.
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discriminate between (someone or something)

To recognize the differences between people or things. I have a hard time discriminating between Jim and Greg, but they are identical twins after all. You can discriminate between hydrangea and phlox by looking at their leaves.
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Essentially, career advisers' advice-giving practices operate in such a way as to channel non-academic students en masse into VETiS programs, while at the same time operating more selectively and discriminatingly in terms of offering this option to their academic counterparts.
Crews distinguishes between two kinds of discourse: "disciplinary and self-ratifying" The poststructuralist element in Theory is an assault on the disciplinary, which Crews describes as "the ethic of respecting what is known, acknowledging what is still unknown, and acting as if one cared about the difference." For the disciplinary spirit to operate, says Crews, "members of a given intellectual community must read one another's work discriminatingly and try to show, through pointed reference to available facts that certain apprehensions of those facts are more plausible than others." (15)
Face it, a person needs to eat; how discriminatingly one eats helps to determine optimum health and well-being.
Not for Jeff the "pile it high and knock it out" style of trading; here was a man buying discriminatingly for a very selective clientele.
David Hill discriminatingly investigates the limitations of the rhetoric of freedom, while Daniel Wilson focuses specifically on the vexed question of Goethe's early political imagination.
And this cancellation must be resisted, if only because then it would be pointless to try to distinguish between social systems, or to inquire, discriminatingly, whether this or that system went good or went bad.
discriminatingly. (53) Offenders in confinement necessarily are disabled
By marrying organic materials with silicon, it is anticipated that silicon can be given a capacity to discriminatingly interact with its surroundings.
One needs only to follow discriminatingly Pero's historical
Using the traditional dichotomies utile/dulce or docere/delectare that give crucial parameters to the commentator's work, she clearly situates Sponde's authorial voice and discriminatingly articulates its complementary nuances, ranging from poetic furor to theological rigor.
They believe, however, that market pricing and economics could effectively address this obstacle if the private sector empowered the codes and standards by adopting them and using them discriminatingly.
In fact, it is important to have standards of achievement and to learn to judge discriminatingly, in art as in politics.
Jack Zipes declares, "My guess is that the largest reading audience of children's books in the United States and England is constituted by those students at the college and university level who take courses in children's literature along with teachers, librarians, and writers, who eagerly and discriminatingly read vast numbers of books for children" (54).
Possibly such empathy was encouraged by the fact that in the Great War, the Russians were allies of the British; but Under Western Eyes, publi shed in 1911, had already displayed a Conradian endeavor to deal discriminatingly and fairly with Russian people; an endeavor which may have contributed to Conrad's breakdown in 1910.