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discriminate against (someone or something)

To impose limitations on a particular person or group for prejudicial reasons. Those who continue to discriminate against people of color will continue to meet resistance from those who believe in equality.
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discriminate between (someone or something)

To recognize the differences between people or things. I have a hard time discriminating between Jim and Greg, but they are identical twins after all. You can discriminate between hydrangea and phlox by looking at their leaves.

discriminate against someone or something

to single out a type of person or thing for special negative treatment or denial of equal treatment; to act in a prejudicial manner against someone or something. This law discriminates against short people. You discriminate against people in wheelchairs.
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discriminate between

someone and someone else or something and something else to distinguish between people or between things. I find it hard these days to discriminate between my friends and my enemies. Can you discriminate between this shade of pink and that one?
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Instances of good repigmentation were also discriminately assessed in patients with lesser or greater deteriorations than median value of DLQI.
In On the Stody of Celtic Literatore (1867), Arnold discriminately labeled the Irish race as sentimental, passionate, sensual, sensuous, feminine, undisciplined, anarchical and turbulent by nature (61-65).
Based on this information, Korean scientists came up with a new technique for discriminately identifying B.
It seems clear to me that (a) the landlord's voter preference system would have a disparate impact on Black renters but also, and more importantly, (b) the root of the problem would not be that the landlord wished to reward voters, but that access to the fundamental Constitutional right in question was being granted discriminately on the basis of race.
Aid flows were also discriminately applied as the West increased security spending and allocation of aid to strategic allies to fight global terrorism.
This followed a meeting with the Nursing Council, during which they put forward their claims that, in declining their applications for registration, the council had acted discriminately.
Sheikh alleged that Sarabjeet Singh had been treated discriminately by the Supreme Court and demanded to review the petition against his death sentence.
Although policy choices may comprise an ideological bias, as elected representatives devise laws meant to satisfy their electorate's specific political preferences, they are not discriminately applied, so even people who haven't voted for that party/candidate may benefit from them.
Unfortunately, the very early stuff was moved to room 2 because their usual place of habitation is under reconstruction, so I wandered around the later room, very discriminately.
Part of the Army's versatility lies in its combat forces, which have the ability to be discriminately lethal.
I'm really annoyed by how they apply the law so discriminately in Lothian and the Borders.
The board of directors of the bank has again acted discriminately.
Students protested the university's dismissive handling of reports of a racist professor, who discriminately failed black students at Sir George Williams University in Montreal, Canada (now Concordia University).
The government deliberately and discriminately distributed more educational resources to urban residents based on hukou.
Thus, the use of drones as a means to enhance a state's capacity to act on just cause proportionately and discriminately may lead to the propensity to do the opposite.