discriminate against

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discriminate against (someone or something)

To impose limitations on a particular person or group for prejudicial reasons. Those who continue to discriminate against people of color will continue to meet resistance from those who believe in equality.
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discriminate against someone or something

to single out a type of person or thing for special negative treatment or denial of equal treatment; to act in a prejudicial manner against someone or something. This law discriminates against short people. You discriminate against people in wheelchairs.
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A DWP spokesman said: "We are confident that these measures are lawful and they do not discriminate against disabled claimants.
We are also seeing religion being used to discriminate against same-sex couples seeking venues for their wedding receptions, and teachers have been fired from religiously affiliated schools for using assisted reproductive technology.
But he insisted they do not discriminate against any minority group.
Federal Judge Colleen McMahon ruled that the town clearly used racist tactics like closing down a hiring center, forcing the day laborers onto the streets and then stepping up police presence to discriminate against Latinos.
The 59-year-old said, "We do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of sexual orientation.
The federal prison system has practices that discriminate against Aboriginal offenders," Correctional Investigator Howard Sapers says in his Annual Report of the Corrections Ombudsman.
To discriminate against white male candidates is equally as bad as discriminating against women or black candidates.
District court's decision: The district court determined that neither the credits nor the abatements violated the Commence Clause, because they did not violate either of the taxation structures that have been previously rejected by the Supreme Court, and they did not discriminate against interstate commence.
5(1) No person shall in respect of (a) the provision of or access to services or facilities; [or] (d) employment; discriminate against an individual or class of individuals on account of (k) religion.
When Caldwell asked Kerry, "What do you say to those who use the Bible to discriminate against people?
The Institute's brief builds on the Commerce Clause arguments presented in its earlier brief, asserting that the tax credit does not unconstitutionally discriminate against interstate commerce.
Earlier this year, the Scottish Assembly made it illegal to interfere or discriminate against breastfeeding in any place where a child would be able to have bottled milk.
A state statute satisfies the clause if (1) the activity taxed has substantial nexus with the taxing state; (2) the tax is fairly apportioned to reflect the degree of activity within the state; (3) the tax does not discriminate against interstate commerce; and (4) the tax is fairly related to benefits provided by the state.
GERMANY'S laws covering the deposit and return obligations for non-re-usable drinks packaging break European Union (EU) regulations because they discriminate against drinks importers, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has found.