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an ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit

proverb It is much better to know when to refrain from speaking than to have the ability to make jokes or witty remarks, which may come at an inappropriate time or be about an inappropriate subject. Now's not the time for one of your lewd jokes, Frank. Didn't anyone ever teach you that an ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit?
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at (one's) discretion

In accordance with one's thoughts or judgment on a particular issue. Whether or not you get a bonus is at your boss's discretion, so you better impress her!
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discretion is the better part of valor

proverb Caution is more important than bravery. The expression emphasizes the importance of being cautious and reserving acts of bravery for when they are actually needed. I know you want to try that risky skateboard jump, but remember that discretion is the better part of valor.
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the soul of discretion

Someone who can be trusted to keep information private. Don't worry, my sister is the soul of discretion—she won't tell anyone about our engagement before we do.
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throw discretion to the wind(s)

To act or behave recklessly and/or fearlessly, with no sense of restraint or propriety. (An older variant of the now more common "throw caution to the wind(s).") After my father won a bit of money at the race tracks, he began throwing discretion to the winds and ended up gambling away everything we had. You can't live life completely reserved, you know—you've got to throw discretion to the wind every now and then.
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Discretion is the better part of valor.

Prov. It is good to be brave, but it is also good to be careful.; If you are careful, you will not get into situations that require you to be brave. Son: Can I go hang gliding with my friends? Father: No. Son: But they'll say I'm chicken if I don't go! Father: Discretion is the better part of valor, and I'd rather have them call you chicken than risk your life.
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ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit

Prov. Knowing when to refrain from making jokes is better than being able to make jokes all the time. Mabel makes fun of everybody, regardless of whether or not she hurts their feelings. Someone should tell her that an ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit.
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discretion is the better part of valor

It is better to be prudent than merely courageous, as in I'm signing up for the easy course first; discretion is the better part of valor. This proverb, a synonym of look before you leap, was first recorded in 1477. Charles Churchill put it in poetic form: "Even in a hero's heart, Discretion is the better part" ( The Ghost, 1762). Shakespeare also used a form of it: "The better part of valor is discretion" ( 1 Henry IV, 5:4).
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throw caution to the winds

Also, throw discretion to the winds. Behave or speak very rashly, as in Throwing caution to the winds, he ran after the truck, or I'm afraid she's thrown discretion to the winds and told everyone about the divorce. This expression uses to the winds in the sense of "utterly vanishing" or "out of existence," a usage dating from the mid-1600s. The first recorded use of throw to the winds was in 1885.
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discretion is the better part of valour

it's better to avoid a dangerous situation than to confront it. proverb
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at somebody’s diˈscretion

according to what somebody decides or wishes to do: Bail is granted at the discretion of the court.There is no service charge and tipping is at your discretion.
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diˌscretion is the ˌbetter part of ˈvalour

(British English) (American English diˌscretion is the ˌbetter part of ˈvalor) (saying) you should avoid danger and not take unnecessary risksThis comes from Shakespeare’s play Henry IV.
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The above implies that for administrative dogmatism, discretional (or unregulated) acts are not those that are outside of the rule of law, but those: (i) of free appointment and removal, undertaken by the civil servants who do not make use of the Contentious Administrative Procedure Code, (CAPC) and, thus, must not apply the administrative procedure in their decision-making; (ii) executed by an administration with a deference of the judicial control, which grants it the technical characteristic of its functioning.
Based on Article 33 of the Constitution, the President of the Republic is endowed with the exclusive and discretional power to make abandon the national territory, immediately and without the need of a previous hearing, of any foreigner whose permanence is judged inconvenient; and against the exercise of these powers to grant a suspension [of the act offending a foreigner] is not to be granted.
Table 2: Discretional statistics of research variables discretional potassium isotope statistics Number 7 Mean 794/57 Min 812 Mod 634 a 128.04 Var 16395.29 Min 634 Max 984 Table 5: T-test Number Mean Standard Mean Standard deviation deviation Value 7 794.57 128.044 48.39 Table 5: Test, according to Idaho university standard.
He said that the CJ of Peshawar High Court not rightly exercise his discretional power and sent only five names just for five seats to judicial commission of Pakistan and left no choice for competition.
The basis for an individual's autonomy index relates to the worker's responses regarding questions about the discretional ability to choose or change the order of tasks, the methods used at work, and the speed or rate at which employees may work.
DISCUSSION: The present study was a prospective discretional study conducted in 150 patients of MDR TB detected by sputum culture & sensitivity in the Department of General Medicine, NSCB Medical College, Jabalpur (M.P.) during the period of July 2009 to July 2010.
Additionally, reduced demand from the remaining seven million expatriates for large discretional items remains a threat.
Discrete-time Markov jump linear systems (MJLSs) are basically linear discrete-time systems with discretional parameters evolving with a finite-state Markov chain.
The previous model consisted of "minor's laws", based on the "irregular situation doctrine"--how it was known in Latin America--, which was distinguished by legal legitimacy of a discretional state intervention.
Discretional spend that, a few years ago, was cut back, has come back in a big way, so we're very encouraged.
The bureaucrat is assumed to have both monopolistic power (i.e., after having submitted the project, the firm cannot turn to any other bureaucrat to obtain the license) and discretional power over granting the license (i.e., the bureaucrat may refuse to issue the license without being required to provide any explanation).
Table 5--New Zealand's CFH wholesale service price list Products and prices for home/retail customers agreed on by CFH and LFCs Product Downstream/ 2011 CCPM (*) 2019 CCPM (*) Upstream data (NZD) (NZD) rates Basic Voice Channel Greenfields or 25.00 25.00 LFC- discretional GPON (**) 30Mbps/10 Mbps 37.50 42.50 Residential Entry GPON Residential 30Mbps/10 Mbps 41.25 46.25 Triple-Play GPON Business Entry 30Mbps/10 Mbps 49.95 49.95 GPON Triple-Play 100Mbps/50 Mbps 55.00 49.90 GPON 100/100 100Mbps/100 175.00 175.00 Mbps HD Video Channel 10 Mbps for 5.00 5.00 multicast video (*) CCPM: Customer charges per month.