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an ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit

proverb It is much better to know when to refrain from speaking than to have the ability to make jokes or witty remarks, which may come at an inappropriate time or be about an inappropriate subject. Now's not the time for one of your lewd jokes, Frank. Didn't anyone ever teach you that an ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit?
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at (one's) discretion

In accordance with one's thoughts or judgment on a particular issue. Whether or not you get a bonus is at your boss's discretion, so you better impress her!
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discretion is the better part of valor

proverb Caution is more important than bravery. The expression emphasizes the importance of being cautious and reserving acts of bravery for when they are actually needed. I know you want to try that risky skateboard jump, but remember that discretion is the better part of valor.
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the soul of discretion

Someone who can be trusted to keep information private. Don't worry, my sister is the soul of discretion—she won't tell anyone about our engagement before we do.
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throw discretion to the wind(s)

To act or behave recklessly and/or fearlessly, with no sense of restraint or propriety. (An older variant of the now more common "throw caution to the wind(s).") After my father won a bit of money at the race tracks, he began throwing discretion to the winds and ended up gambling away everything we had. You can't live life completely reserved, you know—you've got to throw discretion to the wind every now and then.
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Discretion is the better part of valor.

Prov. It is good to be brave, but it is also good to be careful.; If you are careful, you will not get into situations that require you to be brave. Son: Can I go hang gliding with my friends? Father: No. Son: But they'll say I'm chicken if I don't go! Father: Discretion is the better part of valor, and I'd rather have them call you chicken than risk your life.
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ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit

Prov. Knowing when to refrain from making jokes is better than being able to make jokes all the time. Mabel makes fun of everybody, regardless of whether or not she hurts their feelings. Someone should tell her that an ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit.
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discretion is the better part of valor

It is better to be prudent than merely courageous, as in I'm signing up for the easy course first; discretion is the better part of valor. This proverb, a synonym of look before you leap, was first recorded in 1477. Charles Churchill put it in poetic form: "Even in a hero's heart, Discretion is the better part" ( The Ghost, 1762). Shakespeare also used a form of it: "The better part of valor is discretion" ( 1 Henry IV, 5:4).
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throw caution to the winds

Also, throw discretion to the winds. Behave or speak very rashly, as in Throwing caution to the winds, he ran after the truck, or I'm afraid she's thrown discretion to the winds and told everyone about the divorce. This expression uses to the winds in the sense of "utterly vanishing" or "out of existence," a usage dating from the mid-1600s. The first recorded use of throw to the winds was in 1885.
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discretion is the better part of valour

it's better to avoid a dangerous situation than to confront it. proverb
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at somebody’s diˈscretion

according to what somebody decides or wishes to do: Bail is granted at the discretion of the court.There is no service charge and tipping is at your discretion.
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diˌscretion is the ˌbetter part of ˈvalour

(British English) (American English diˌscretion is the ˌbetter part of ˈvalor) (saying) you should avoid danger and not take unnecessary risksThis comes from Shakespeare’s play Henry IV.
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Also notice that an advisor does not actually have to exercise its discretionary authority in order for it to be considered a discretionary advisor, it simply must have the authority to act with investment discretion. This authority is typically granted in the investment advisory agreement signed by the client, or perhaps a separate power of attorney.
Despite plausibility of this argument, no studies have paid specific attention to understanding the real nature of skill discretion, and in particular whether and under what conditions it may also operate as a kind of job demand, e.g., exacerbating rather than buffering detrimental effect of job demands on workers.
Between the ejection port and the front sight, there are three large ports on each side of the slide, and they give the Discretion its signature look.
(13) Although the variances that come with frontline discretion can raise difficult normative questions, (14) the relationship between on-the-ground decisions and large-scale categorical enforcement programs has important, legitimacy-conferring benefits for executive policy--especially as President Obama has endeavored to fill voids created by congressional abdication.
Melloy said the 8th Circuit previously has ruled that an employee may lack discretion to entirely forgo an inspection, in the 1999 case Appley Brothers.
It sought the top court's indulgence for appropriate directions for the rectification of unreasonable and unlawful exercise of discretion by Prime Minister Imran Khan.
"Ang pangunahing area of discretion sa customs, una, kailan ko ba pipirmahan o dedesisyunan iyong papel?
"The government responds that Commissioner Masibo's discretion was confined by the purpose and subject matter of the Mining Act and that his issuance of SML 351 was entirely ultra vires (beyond his legal power)," the Tribunal says.
That is the essence of "prosecutorial discretion," where although someone may have broken the law, their violation is not so serious that the government should waste time, money, and resources "enforcing the law.
'Madpet calls for the immediate amendment of the law to ensure full unfettered discretion be given to judges when it comes to sentencing those convicted of drug trafficking.'
FDA intends to exercise enforcement discretion for certain provisions in four of the rules that implement the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).
Scott, because he does not have the authority to override prosecutorial discretion of an elected state attorney, and to "treat her with the same respect that is given every other state attorney in Florida," her lawyer, Roy Austin, told the justices in oral arguments on June 28.
Chain Reactions in Criminal Justice: Discretion and the Necessity of Interdisciplinary Research
One bold discretion gaming strategy agencies employ is to pull out the nondiscretion claim only when needed to stave off the ESA and NEPA and put it back in the box for all other purposes.
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