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discourse (up)on (something)

To talk about something at length. If he discourses about this abstract theory any longer, I'm going to fall asleep.
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discourse (up)on

someone or something to lecture about someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I would like to discourse upon this matter awhile. The committee chose to discourse on Tom and his latest fiasco rather than deal with the budgetary problems it faces.
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Fairclough argues that discourses represent aspects of the physical world, aspects of the mental world and also aspects of the social world including social events.
Similarly, more complicated and large-ranged narratives, especially novels as narrative discourses can be the most expressive and representative mediums of constructing and conveying social identities related more or less authentically to the social members of the society being depicted in form of the narrators or novelist and other participating characters.
Because present-day Argentina is experiencing regionalization and the anticolonialism processes of its history, there is a long way to go between modernity and postmodernity concerning the topic of discourses.
Chapter 9 analyzes the cultural differences between modern and postmodern capitalist logic by examining the discourses of the homeless inhabitants of Buenos Aires.
Working to create learning communities in which explicit discussion of how Discourses function to produce compelling messages in the context of science learning is an example of our attempt to support democracy-in-process as a way to better understand the interactions, tensions, and contexts that take place in classrooms.
These traces serve to blur social and discursive boundaries, leading to dynamic changes in otherwise stable Discourses (such as the accountability Discourse).
In such a discourse, the relationships between ideology and interpretation, between fault and excess, between saturation and fullness are produced, according to Orlandi, by evidences that stabilize the meanings and interpret the textualization of the urban discourses that are materialized by the texts (discourse samples) through which the city reads, narrates and gives itself meaning in and by language in history.
As a discourse 'of' (1), remembering sustains the discourses 'on', within the formulation axis, as memory and returning discourse.
ERIC Descriptors: Inclusion; Barriers; Educational Policy; Public Schools; Academic Support Services; Children; Learning Problems; Disabilities; Discourse Analysis; Commercialization; Civil Rights; Human Capital; Academic Achievement; Foreign Countries
Bridging inferences; constraining and resolving underspecification in discourse interpretation.
Is there a historical (and sociological) a priori of symbolic systems that these discourses bear witness to?
Recent developments in the world of education, however, hint an adaptation of different discourses to project the sector.
is spoken for or by particular discourses, which makes particular kinds
In this paper I am particularly interested in exploring the role of metaphors in Chavez's political discourse, the complexities of the counterrevolutionary discourse of Shays's Rebellion, and the supporting ideological framework of power.
The narrator looks at the situation from the point of view of Sergey at the given time and place of his not telegraphing his brother, but discourses on it rather than narrate.