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discourse (up)on (something)

To talk about something at length. If he discourses about this abstract theory any longer, I'm going to fall asleep.
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discourse (up)on

someone or something to lecture about someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I would like to discourse upon this matter awhile. The committee chose to discourse on Tom and his latest fiasco rather than deal with the budgetary problems it faces.
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Keywords: Critical Discourse Analyses, Ideology, Social Change, Description, Interpretation, Power Relations.
If language plays a significant role in every creative activity, it is used as a tool and weapon in critical discourse analysis.
Aydin-Duzgit (2015) in the article entitled "European parliament 'doing' Europe: Unravelling the right-wing culturalist discourse on Turkey's accession to the EU" focuses on the discourses of the main centre-right political party group (EPP-ED, EPP) in the European Parliament on Turkey's accession to the European Union.
In this theory, signs and concepts are floating signifiers that different discourses attempt to give meaning to them.
A FPDA approach to analysis highlights the existence of competing discourses in talk.
And how do we tell her "do not speak (in public), your (public) voice is unlawful?" We tell her "do not go out" Again rhetorical questions were used by the speaker to express the dominant nature of discourses that limited women's participation in society and intended to keep them in a restricted place.
Fairclough argues that discourses represent aspects of the physical world, aspects of the mental world and also aspects of the social world including social events.18 It is Fairclough who elaborates three main functions of discourse: identity function, relational and ideational functions.19 Among these functions, one function of discourse, according to Him, is the construction of social identities and selves.20 Therefore, it is arguable that language/discourse constructs social identities and selves, and it also constructs social relations and systems of knowledge, beliefs and attitudes.
Against the backdrop of scholarly Western-centric practices in contemporary times, three authors--Shi-xu from China, Kwesi Kwaa Prah from South Africa, and Maria Laura Pardo from Argentina-offer a development-centered approach to discourses of the Third World in their coauthored book Discourses of the Developing World: Researching Properties, Problems and Potentials.
Two theoretical ideas that have influenced our thinking about coconstructing spaces and discourses to support teachers in integrating democratic practices in their science teaching are used to frame this study: Gee's (1999) notion of big-D Discourse and Fairclough's (2003) notion of interdiscursivity.
The author's survey of the literature, focused on American and European documentation, cannot provide the theoretical and historical context in Quebec, and the international issues, although relevant, cannot shed light on the reasons underlying the different positions that emanate from the various "discourses" in Quebec, nor on how they were expressed.
However, with the coming of globalisation and the quest to fit into the world marketplace, there have been some changes in the general discourse in use in the administration of these institutions.
It deconstructs how discourses may be taken for granted in one context
This paper presents a comparative discourse analysis of the learning support policy in New South Wales, Australia and New Zealand.
Bridging inferences; constraining and resolving underspecification in discourse interpretation.