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discourse (up)on (something)

To talk about something at length. If he discourses about this abstract theory any longer, I'm going to fall asleep.
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discourse (up)on

someone or something to lecture about someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I would like to discourse upon this matter awhile. The committee chose to discourse on Tom and his latest fiasco rather than deal with the budgetary problems it faces.
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2 He argues that "As a process, as a narrative, as a discourse, it's identity is always told from the position of the other.
It is constructible in individual and interpersonal instances of language and discourse.
Part I (chapters 1-3), written by Shi-xu, presents an Asian paradigm of development discourse studies with three approaches: paradigmatic, theoretical, and empirical.
Therefore, scholars should work out a paradigm of discourse studies based on a Chinese cultural context.
The next chapter discusses participatory culture and meta-linguistic discourse while examining the asynchronous interactive nature of Web 2.
In Chapter 6, Tannen shows data of new media discourse in the written form of Facebook, email and instant text messaging among users.
Gee (1999) posits the importance of considering big-D Discourse in contrast to little-d discourse in theorizing about how language is used to create meaning.
According to the author, so that the discourse would be included in this order, it should be held as legitimate and, above all, as true.
A function of discourse markers that has not been systematically studied is their use as markers of sociopragmatic function concerning social relationships between the interlocutors, relative status of the speaker and the hearer, as well as their level of familiarity/intimacy, topic and setting of their discourse.
This paper presents a comparative discourse analysis of the learning support policy in New South Wales, Australia and New Zealand.
The central claim of the author is that knowledge, ideology and discourse are social processes that are inextricably linked.
Discourse analysis" covers a vast multidisciplinary field, that comprises numerous approaches and theoretical debates (Foucault's theory on discourse, Habermas's discourse ethics, etcetera).
discourse, deconstruction, power/knowledge, psy-complex, ideology,
Errant Affirmations: On the Philosophical Meaning if Kierkegaard's Religious Discourses