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discourage (someone) from (something)

To dissuade or deter someone from doing something. I tried to discourage my daughter from going to that party, but of course she didn't listen to me.
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discourage someone from something

to dissuade someone from doing something. I hope I can discourage Tom from leaving. I do not want to discourage you from further experimentation.
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Discouraging any reduction or freezing of bilateral relations
67% of faculty, and 50% of parents also pointed to this factor as discouraging mediation.
Lynn Franco, director of the board's Consumer Research Center, said the major factor dampening consumer sentiment has been rising unemployment and a discouraging job outlook.
Inflation used to average 8% to 11%, raising questions about the value of pensions 20 to 30 years later and discouraging people in the middle- and high-income groups from buying annuities.
If that were so, the discouraging effect of high taxes should require no apology on his part - it might be just the corrective medicine needed to keep us at home playing with the kids.
Yes, the Religious Right's nasty attacks on public education can be discouraging.
If the fencing of urban areas in border towns like Nogales and San Diego has made crossing more difficult for the Mexican and Central American migrants who manage to reach the border, it hasn't succeeded in discouraging the migration into the fabled el norte.
There is much that's depressing, discouraging, and scary out there--the all-out assault on government, the scapegoating of welfare recipients, the hostility toward immigrants, the murderous violence by the anti-abortion fanatics, and a crude, homophobic, anti-Semitic nativism all sloshing around in the shallow septic tanks of the far right.
I think we should hit them in the pocketbook by discouraging disposable containers," he says.
Unrecognized human resource assets, for example, can tempt management to take a short-term earnings lift by dismissing or discouraging skilled personnel, which could be expensive when shortages in skills and deficits in experience hamper future growth and profitability.
Graffiti discouraging consumers from adopting 'My Circle' now on outdoor advertisements in Phoenix, Charlotte, Raleigh, Tampa and Little Rock
Islamabad -- Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders on Wednesday lauded the government for discouraging unnecessary imports which will encourage local producers.
Breathe California has run ads in entertainment trades in the past discouraging use of cigarettes on film, but movies reviewed by ``Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down'' show use of branded cigarettes is on the rise.
The second line of the defense must anchor itself in the middle of the "3 Press," highly discouraging the opposition from attempting to attack the defense in this area.
The North-East's first park-and-ride scheme was under fire last night ( for discouraging car sharing.