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discourage (someone) from (something)

To dissuade or deter someone from doing something. I tried to discourage my daughter from going to that party, but of course she didn't listen to me.
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discourage someone from something

to dissuade someone from doing something. I hope I can discourage Tom from leaving. I do not want to discourage you from further experimentation.
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Apart from the rumour that this specialisation is hard and they will not understand it, they are discouraged by the lack of information about successful women in IT and discouragement from parents.On the other hand, the possibility that girls will decide to study IT is increased by great results in school, relatively good digital skills and a positive relationship to informatics, said Velsic.
This is why we should all decide not to be discouraged no matter all the sacrifice we have made.
'Keep arresting them even if they are released, they will eventually get discouraged and stop brewing more,' he added.
A second player said Taylor visited him at home and discouraged him from taking a complaint against the scout further.
Breaking down these two metrics individually, 70% of French in 2016 said they do not have confidence in their national government (or disaffected), while 64% of the population rated their future lives on the same footing or worse in relation to their current lives (or discouraged).
Cavani said: "We're all a bit discouraged by what happened.
Some 68% of respondents believe that consanguineous marriage - the union of two biologically-related people, including, most controversially, first cousins, should be discouraged due to "increased risks of genetic illnesses including physical deformities and mental illness".
"Certainly, spitting is a nasty habit that should be discouraged - and it should be discouraged by the football clubs.
Again, this threat to the nation's health can only be discouraged by charging such individuals a flat pounds 10 annual fee for a licence, entailing an ID card with photographic evidence, that entitles them to use this cancer that threatens the very fabric of society.
Rates of heavy, frequent and workplace drinking were significantly lower in organisations that discouraged social drinking than in those that most tolerated it, according to the results published in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine journal.
Children should be discouraged from putting their laptops on their lap when using wireless internet connections because of potential health risks, an expert has warned.
The Energy Department failed to justify a sole-source contract award and may have intentionally discouraged competition, the Government Accountability Office found.
Trends in alternative measures, which broaden the definition of unemployment by including discouraged workers, marginally attached workers (who have sought work in the recent past), and workers who have settled for less work for economic reasons, also suggest an improving labor market.
Similarly, with the DTs in 1 techniques, our MLB could flow faster because the offense was discouraged from running the buck trap play, which is much more prevalent in high school.
Many others have considered it, but the various limits and restrictions have undoubtedly discouraged them.