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discourage (someone) from (something)

To dissuade or deter someone from doing something. I tried to discourage my daughter from going to that party, but of course she didn't listen to me.
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discourage someone from something

to dissuade someone from doing something. I hope I can discourage Tom from leaving. I do not want to discourage you from further experimentation.
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They discouraged me from going forward and never offered me a chance to go to the police or anything like that," he said.
However, discouraged and disaffected people do not necessarily struggle more for basic needs than those who are not disaffected and discouraged.
Respondents from the Levant stood strongest against such marriages, with 79% believing they should be discouraged, and most respondents claimed they were aware about health risks involved in marriages among blood relatives.
He added: 'Since we advise that children should be discouraged from using mobile phones, we should also discourage children from placing their laptop on their lap when they are using wi-fi.
Total unemployed plus discouraged workers and all other marginally attached workers, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all marginally attached workers.
Effective protest is further discouraged through a deliberately consumer-unfriendly process.
Market timing may not be illegal, but it is certainly unethical, because it hurts long-term shareholders; as a result, the practice is discouraged by most funds.
Dempsey write that, as the LA 8 case began its journey through the courts, Reagan's Justice Department discussed formalizing the practice of using the INS to deport immigrant activists who could not be sufficiently discouraged by criminal prosecution.
Surveying the political landscape in the wake of the November elections, it's easy to get discouraged.
The reason for this gap, they maintained, was the existence of a relatively large degree of slack in the labor pool, consisting of workers who were pushed into hidden unemployment during recessions (for example, discouraged workers).
Some discouraged home births because they feared they would be blamed if things went wrong, said Nursing Standard.
The number of discouraged workers nationwide has decreased significantly since 1994.
Rather than have this particular chapter end on a note that may be discouraging to readers, particularly new counselors, Kottler includes steps professionals can take to protect themselves from burnout and from feeling discouraged in the helping process.
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, which provided the legal basis for opening up insurance, is silent about the pension business This has caused some surprise and has discouraged a few players.