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A high P/E ratio, therefore, should not discourage us from picking up a good stock.
American renewed efforts to discourage us from making the required tectonic shifts, thus not allowing Pakistan to restore the balance of power and allowing India-led actions to weaken us to an extent where we are forced to toe the line of the duo, is not being fully comprehended by our political and military leadership.
The psychological war against the Damascus government has failed to discourage us from fighting terrorism or even frighten us.
Neither body searches today nor imprisonment tomorrow will discourage us from a moderate Judaism free of religious coercion in the State of Israel.
Anything that happens in the next 100 days before the elections shouldn't discourage us from showing Nikola Gruevski on December 11 that we saw his true colors and expatriated quarter of the population abroad, so now is time he goes home", stressed Geroski.
His Royal Highness added that attempts at undermining national security will never on any day discourage us from boosting or consolidating security and stability under the leadership of HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa with the solidarity of our patriotic citizens and support from GCC brethren.
THE current economic climate may discourage us from thinking about Christmas for another two months or so, but now is the time to start marketing your empty shop for a temporary let over the Christmas period.
Cost should not discourage us from ordering a test that is truly necessary.
The ontological nature of our chance concept has developed to discourage us from using more "high tech" cognitive apparatus in contexts where it will be fruitless.
In a statement, Mahmoud underlined that the decision reflects a unilateral US vision, which is linked to predetermined political agendas contradicting ethical and professional media standards , adding " this act will not discourage us from continuing our noble work to serve all Syrians and broaden popular dialogue and interaction to push national reform forward.
They added, "The arrest of lawmakers, Mohammad Abu Teir and Ahmad Attoun will not discourage us from continuing our strike.
A Saudi government s spokesperson said, We won't let anyone discourage us from our construction plans.
The statement continued 'Every day that we are passing on the Mediterranean we get more and more convinced that you have the power, but we have the right and that the obstacles you impose will never discourage us from the pursuit of our just cause.
The literature has suggested that the identical barriers, reimbursement and lack of confidence that influence dentists' hesitation to implement tobacco prevention and cessation activities continue to discourage us from implementing this most needed patient service.
We didn't allow us being down 0-2 to discourage us from winning," said Howard, who hit five of six shots and had a team-leading 14 rebounds.