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discourage (someone) from (something)

To dissuade or deter someone from doing something. I tried to discourage my daughter from going to that party, but of course she didn't listen to me.
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discourage someone from something

to dissuade someone from doing something. I hope I can discourage Tom from leaving. I do not want to discourage you from further experimentation.
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In order to discourage smoking, the minimum price for a pack should be at least Rs 50 with an annual increase, Turi said, adding that the strict policy formulation is needed to discourage use of illicit cigarettes in the market.
The bank said that it would soon begin charging large corporate clients and asset managers fees on certain accounts to discourage large deposits.
o lawmaker, who is also a lawyer and certified public accountant (CPA), the measure hits two birds with one stone - it discourages people from smoking and, at the same time, will bring more money to the national coffers and thus increase our health care funds.
He said the base price for a 3G licence is already very high in the first place, which will certainly discourage collusion.
Dr Al Sharif, who is a former Deputy Spokesman of the Sharjah Consultative Council, said the decision will discourage Emiratis from joining the private sector.
Such decisions might discourage employers from employing UAE nationals and encourage Emiratis not to give their best," he said.
3 : to try to persuade not to do something <Don't let them discourage you from trying out.
Again, I propose that in order to discourage people from having anything to do with Caroline Street we charge them a flat pounds 10 annual fee for a licence, entailing an ID card with photographic evidence, that entitles them to use this cancer that threatens the very fabric of society.
At the same time, import duties on wood-processing equipment are being reduced to promote the domestic industry while tariffs will discourage imports of value-added timber products.
He added: 'Since we advise that children should be discouraged from using mobile phones, we should also discourage children from placing their laptop on their lap when they are using wi-fi.
Indoor relief, reformers believed, would discourage all but the truly destitute from seeking public relief and thus discourage pauperization, or as we would say, chronic dependency.
The defender on the opposing Trigger (X4) plays him aggressively with his hands up to discourage quick long throws, while still harassing all in-bounds passes.
GAO concluded that the notice "discouraged, and may have been intended to discourage, responses.
For example, in the 1980s, the "coyness hypothesis" proposed that birds that consummated their pairing only after the arduous job of learning to duet would have a stronger bond that would discourage extra-pair adventuring.