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disconnect (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To separate someone or something from someone or something else. My phone disconnected me from my secretary when its battery suddenly died. You'll need to disconnect this pipe from that one in order to make the repair.
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disconnect someone or something from someone or something

to break the connection between things or people. The telephone operator disconnected Larry from his caller. He disconnected himself from the cords of his parachute.
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'The partial disconnection is to make sure that DisCos quickly rectify the event of default that led to the suspension,'' she said.
As for fixed-line services, the statistics indicate that it was 32% of the total complaints; out of these complaints 36% were related to service disconnections, while 35% related to billing, 15% related to delay in fixed-line service transfer, installation or activation, and 5% were related to slow Internet speed.
Similar to the recent run of disconnections set to go into effect later this year, Verizon is specifically targeting users in rural areas-people who may rely more on their mobile network if their home is unable to receive a broadband internet connection.
"We have sent notices to residents regarding the disconnection," he added.
The local daily National Mirror reported Wednesday that the number of active subscribers fell from 120,748,754 in May to 120,362,218 in June because of the disconnection.
Morallos said the power disconnection would continue indefinitely unless Aleco pays its debts with the PEMC.
The programmed disconnection will include phone lines that were pre-agreed to be paid according to an installment plan but the payment was delayed.
SSGC has its own dedicated disconnection and reconnection teams in the Company's franchise areas of Sindh and Balochistan, driven towards ensuring recoveries of dues.
Summary: Muscat: The Public Authority for Electricity and Water has announced the disconnection of water supply ...
However, grid disconnection is not consider, into account; as it will be shown next in this paper, this may cause damage in CSI if a protection circuit is not considered.
Mr Mullins said: "It is not usual practice to have full disconnection, there will be reduced flow.
This general disconnection caused a massive energy pulse created by the immediate disconnection of a sizeable load in zero time.
On one occasion, a local authority had to step in and pay a landlord's electricity bill to prevent apartment owners being made homeless because of the threat of disconnection.
Such violations can attract fines of up to AED50,000 and disconnection of utilities.
The entire building is now at a risk of disconnection from essential services.