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disconnect (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To separate someone or something from someone or something else. My phone disconnected me from my secretary when its battery suddenly died. You'll need to disconnect this pipe from that one in order to make the repair.
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disconnect someone or something from someone or something

to break the connection between things or people. The telephone operator disconnected Larry from his caller. He disconnected himself from the cords of his parachute.
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Disconnecting the passenger airbag allows them to carry their very young child in the passenger seat alongside the driver, but Lex is concerned about the safety issues that could arise from this action.
As a part of this, to help your SPDs protect your equipment, have a written procedure for disconnecting or turning off loads (even though they are not running when the power is out).
If you rush to remove the panel before disconnecting the wires, you could rip them out!
Summary: JEDDAH: The Electricity and Co-generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA) is attempting to crack down on nonpaying customers by issuing new rules, including disconnecting power 30 days after issuing a warning printed on the electricity bill sent from the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).
ISLAMABAD, May 24, 2010 (Frontier Star): Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) has deferred the program for disconnecting the supply to 19 government and semi government departments for one week which owe outstanding dues of Rs 5.14 billion to the power distribution company.
British Gas stopped disconnecting any customers at all at the end of 2003, although it warned Ofgem it may resume doing so after this year.
The SD1 Series of non-fused disconnects allows breaking and disconnecting on equipment loads up to 600 Vac at a nominal current range from 16 to 40 A.
The process of disconnecting the connections of the defaulters is continuing and further water connections would be disconnected.
With all the connecting and disconnecting, the adapters get plugged with dirt or damaged.