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disconnect (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To separate someone or something from someone or something else. My phone disconnected me from my secretary when its battery suddenly died. You'll need to disconnect this pipe from that one in order to make the repair.
See also: disconnect

disconnect someone or something from someone or something

to break the connection between things or people. The telephone operator disconnected Larry from his caller. He disconnected himself from the cords of his parachute.
See also: disconnect
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Technicians need to be able to easily disconnect cooling loops from servers without risk of water or other coolant leaking on to sensitive electronics.
With its compact size, the BDS is compatible with MTA's MegaVAL Series fuses and is ideal for retrofitting vehicles that come with no provisions for power disconnect, said the company.
3) Although Disconnect was a one-time operation, the methodology used in this investigation established a solid foundation for law enforcement to combat illegal boiler rooms in an effective, proactive manner.
Key Data: The switches are certified as manual motor controllers suitable as motor disconnects for installation and compliance with the NEC.
Forgetting to disconnect the cable before driving away in the HMMWV.
This MWO replaces the the quick disconnect coupling half in all M40/M42-series masks.
Centura Quick Disconnect Safety Cans are suited for HPLC applications, providing a safe and easy way to collect liquid waste for proper hazardous waste disposal.
disconnect device on the right flange and can accept disconnect hardware from all major manufacturers: All disconnect enclosures come with a universal cutout that allows mounting of most commercially available disconnects.
Never turn off the master disconnect switch key or the ignition switch before setting the throttle to OFF.
Providing a DIN rail mountable disconnect option for current transformer circuits to 45 A, 600 V, Wieland Electric Inc.