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disconnect (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To separate someone or something from someone or something else. My phone disconnected me from my secretary when its battery suddenly died. You'll need to disconnect this pipe from that one in order to make the repair.
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disconnect someone or something from someone or something

to break the connection between things or people. The telephone operator disconnected Larry from his caller. He disconnected himself from the cords of his parachute.
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Liquid cooling system quick disconnect couplings need to be durable and robust.
"I spoke to Dewa and they said the water was disconnected due to non-payment...
The model is currently available in two different versions--a manually reset device, where power disconnect is controlled by an electronic control panel and the BDS is reset at the simple press of a button, and an electrically reset switch, with remote control for both power disconnect and resetting.
Some 90 warning text messages were sent out to mobile phones from which hoax calls were made during the financial year 2004-05 ( and 20 phones were subsequently disconnected.
Perhaps a combination of audience commentary on pieces selected by the professional presenter, as in the Hanson case, combined with audience-generated programming ideas would partially remedy the Great Disconnect.
``Many drivers are calling us to disconnect the passenger airbag, but we are recommending they put their child in a car seat in the rear of the car, rather than disconnect the airbag,'' said Gill Mack, service delivery manager in the Lex maintenance department.
On top of that, there is a cynicism and disconnect developing which will need to be managed very closely.
Depending on your system configuration, staff might need to open circuit breakers or disconnect switches to isolate equipment.
The most cost-effective option is to disconnect the service and absorb the loss.
K-Electric owes billions of rupees to KMC and now after this decision K-Electric will not be able to disconnect the supply of electricity to any park, building or office of KMC, he said in a statement.
[USPRwire, Wed Nov 11 2015] Disconnect switches help isolate electrical circuits for inspection and maintenance schedules.
has expanded its NS1 Series quick disconnect couplings to now include [1/4.sup.-28] male straight-thread terminations.
The smart meter's third power function is its ability to safely connect and disconnect the remote customer's power during a shortage of power sources.
Al-Madinah daily reported on Friday that in addition to this notice, the SEC will send a disconnect warning if the bill accumulates over SR400 or a bill has not been paid for six months, whichever comes first.