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disclose (something) to (one)

To inform someone about something. Class, you need to disclose all of your sources to me in your works cited. I didn't disclose any information to her, so I don't know how she found out all about it.
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disclose something to someone

to tell or reveal something to someone. Tony refused to disclose the location of the papers to me. Please disclose the names to me at once.
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Tax preparers are sometimes required to disclose taxpayer information pursuant to IRC section 7216 or other provisions of the code; such disclosures do not require taxpayer consent
The law states a party has to disclose only individual donations of more than EUR5,078.95.
54.1(a)(7), a client may request that the CPA disclose the client's confidential information to a designated person or entity without providing written permission for the disclosure.
However, companies aren't required to disclose political contributions made with corporate funds, leaving institutional investors and individual shareholders in the dark about the use of company resources for political activities, the activists say.
If the information provided does not do so, Form 8275 or 8275-R must be used to adequately disclose the item (see Part II of the instructions for those forms).
In doing so, the adviser had failed to disclose to its clients all the material facts surrounding this investment recommendation--namely, the adviser's conflict of interest when it recommended a stock not as a disinterested adviser, but as part a scheme to profit personally.
The disciplinary panel also heard she misled an investigation into the situation by saying she was advised there was no reason to disclose that she had a relationship with the offender.
The court, however, observed that adverse action could be taken against those who failed to come forward to disclose their true identity.
Lenders are now obliged to disclose information about the risks assumed, risk assessment procedures, and risk and capital management in a separate document or a separate appendix to the annual (interim) accounting (financial) statements, in accordance with Bank of Russia Ordinance No.
The Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA) has called on listed companies in Saudi Arabia to disclose their progress on the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
On the Congress accusing BJP of hypocrisy for its failure to disclose names, Jaitley said the Congress got it all wrong because media "completely misreported" the case.
For contact investigation, we do not assume that every person is willing to disclose any other person; any identified person will be asked to name all contacts but may choose not to do so.
The authors especially focus on the role of disclosure and the reasons why students choose to either disclose or not disclose their mental illness.
Lawmakers included a provision demanding that every state have a criminal code that allows it to prosecute a person's failure to disclose an HIV diagnosis to someone who may be put at risk by it.