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discipline (one) for (something)

To scold or punish someone for a wrongdoing. Don't worry, I already disciplined that group of boys for throwing food in the cafeteria. If you don't want to be disciplined for lateness, then just get to work on time!
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discipline someone for something

to punish or chastise someone for doing something. I will have to discipline you for fighting. Mary was disciplined for taking part in the fiasco.
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n. drugs. She smokes this stuff she calls discipline. Smells like pot to me.
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Before disciplining or discharging employees, employers should conduct an investigation and allow the employee to respond to the accusations.
Disciplining is at its strongest in problems of the first kind.
One aspect of medicalization that has received considerable attention has been its association with the disciplining of behavior, most prominently in connection with mental illness, but also more generally in the adjustment of social habits to the dictates of medical science.
For the employer who needs an effective approach to coaching and disciplining employees.
But the worst thing in his letter is the suggestion that any person who is against hitting children is also against disciplining children.
25 Even though Garrity immunity is self-executing when statements are in fact compelled, it may be necessary to explain the nature and scope of Garrity protection to employees before disciplining them for lack of candor.