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discipline (one) for (something)

To scold or punish someone for a wrongdoing. Don't worry, I already disciplined that group of boys for throwing food in the cafeteria. If you don't want to be disciplined for lateness, then just get to work on time!
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discipline someone for something

to punish or chastise someone for doing something. I will have to discipline you for fighting. Mary was disciplined for taking part in the fiasco.
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n. drugs. She smokes this stuff she calls discipline. Smells like pot to me.
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It has encouraged investigation of the internal dynamics and changes within particular disciplines such as astrology or alchemy.
More recently, the Rubber Division has enhanced the distinction in disciplines with two prestigious fellowships: in 1988 the Paul J.
Configuration of information will continue to be specialized to meet the needs of specialized disciplines and individuals in the hard sciences, social science, business, and law.
To achieve a favorable impact, departments must apply discipline in a fair and reasonable manner by imposing discipline similar to what they applied previously for the same misconduct.
Science, which had much to do with creating a discipline-based epistemology, has been subject to criticisms based on the recognition that disciplines are not grand narratives and have limited range.
The disciplines of the spirituality of work must, by definition, be different from those of contemplative spirituality.
Trisha Brown, currently the only one of the 26-member NCA with a specific dance discipline, described the changes as "harrowing but creative.
This negative finding is accentuated by the fact that more funds are allocated to employee communication than to disciplines that were rated both important and effective.
Ethics brings to the other management disciplines the discipline of asking tough questions and seeking thoughtful, well-informed answers.
Harpst's latest book, Six Disciplines Execution Revolution, recently joined the Top 10 best-seller lists of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Amazon.
Allied health and nursing disciplines share similar history as "helping professions" that moved their education from the hospital setting into the university milieu.
Thirty have already been disciplined - 10 doctors received administrative disciplines such as public reprimands; 13 doctors were put on probation; and six had their licenses suspended or revoked.
To accomplish this, we will focus our initial efforts in four broad areas of environmental health sciences: basic research to understand how environmental exposures fundamentally alter human biology; human health and diseases that are caused at least in part by environmental exposures, and the use of environmental exposures to understand the etiology and pathogenesis of complex human diseases; global environmental health initiatives that support research programs to understand the health risks for populations that are excessively exposed as well as their solutions; and training and education efforts to develop comprehensive approaches that integrate environmental health sciences with related disciplines in basic science, computational biology, medicine, and public health.
A supervisor who disciplines without recording the reason and other details (such as who witnessed the action, when and how many times it occurred, other prior discipline, etc.