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discipline (one) for (something)

To scold or punish someone for a wrongdoing. Don't worry, I already disciplined that group of boys for throwing food in the cafeteria. If you don't want to be disciplined for lateness, then just get to work on time!
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muzzle discipline

The practice of keeping a firearm's muzzle pointed safely (that is, away from other people and things) at all times. This awful tragedy could have been prevented if the shooter had exhibited proper muzzle discipline.
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discipline someone for something

to punish or chastise someone for doing something. I will have to discipline you for fighting. Mary was disciplined for taking part in the fiasco.
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n. drugs. She smokes this stuff she calls discipline. Smells like pot to me.
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In the discipline zone, 'troubles are prevented before it can even begin to start,' she said.
When we don't see the answers we are looking for, we might try reflecting where we lack some discipline and trust that, like a good parent, God is leading us to be more disciplined and showing us his love.
In "Discipline's World," the main characters depicted in the book are as follows: Discipline, the esteemed Dominant male holds readers attentions as the leading character of the story, and has different submissives.
(c) Discipline level: discipline level executes discipline analysis at sample points based on the MPS sampling process and the current optimal solution and updates the adaptive discipline surrogate model.
Economics is the most influential social science in seven of the 16 disciplines the researchers examined, and recently tied for first in two more.
Mr Fiennes said that effective market discipline requires good access to relevant and timely information, having the right incentives to use the information, and a competitive environment that lets investors and depositors shift between financial institutions.
Based in large part on this diagnosis, one of the ways in which policymakers have sought to reform financial regulation has been to call for measures meant to improve the conditions for market discipline, with the goal of increasing its effectiveness.
- Chemical Engineering and its one minor discipline get 2 seats 5%, though their population is 6.41%.
Because Deferred Discipline can only resolve minor violations, conduct that is intentional or unethical, including fraud, theft, deception, lying, falsification, criminal conduct, and sexual conduct, is specifically excluded.
"Our military organisation -- a social construction imbued with the values, mores, expectations and hopes of all its members -- will shape the behaviour of young men and women through discipline and acculturation into the military system," Shaikh Ahmad said.
On January 8, the Departments of Education and Justice released a school discipline guidance package that will assist states, school districts, and schools in developing strategies to enhance school climate and ensure discipline policies and practices comply with federal law and are effective.
Muscat, Nov 4 (ONA) Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) will organize on November 12th and 13th the Disciplines Fair 2013 under the theme of "Your Discipline Is Your Career" under the patronage of Dr.
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, has shown that a majority of parents use harsh verbal discipline at some point during their child's adolescence.
If you want to add marquee clients to that list, you have to have the discipline of nurturing.
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