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discipline (someone) for (something)

To scold or punish someone for a wrongdoing. Don't worry, I already disciplined that group of boys for throwing food in the cafeteria. If you don't want to be disciplined for lateness, then just get to work on time!
See also: discipline

discipline someone for something

to punish or chastise someone for doing something. I will have to discipline you for fighting. Mary was disciplined for taking part in the fiasco.
See also: discipline


n. drugs. She smokes this stuff she calls discipline. Smells like pot to me.
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The second, more troublesome, guarantees each "domain" of the discipline of history its own autonomy, perhaps even its autarchy--in any case its specific area of competence ("To each art its own history").
Dick Grote, Grote Consulting, the conference keynote speaker, encouraged foundries to make their discipline programs positive coaching and learning exercises rather than antagonistic punishment policies.
However, the employee communication discipline is perceived as relatively unimportant and ineffective.
Trisha Brown, currently the only one of the 26-member NCA with a specific dance discipline, described the changes as "harrowing but creative.
Discipline was tightened, hands-on training emphasized, the Non Commissioned Officers Corps was revitalized with rigorous new standards, and professionalism was stressed at all levels.
The use of market discipline as a complement to bank supervision and regulation has gained greater acceptance in the United States and abroad.
It is always better to respond to a discipline situation from a sound, well understood theoretical base than to attempt to respond to such a situation in some type of "cookbook" fashion.
The law, particularly in the United States, but also apparently as a developing discipline in the European Union, requires that those players who are in charge allow the economic theory to work in as purely competitive a venue as possible.
We perform this discipline by building into our workdays concrete reminders--and acceptance--of the fact that we are not perfect.
Formal theory is defined as "A set of propositions which furnish an explanation for a formal or conceptual area of inquiry, that is, a discipline .
Inside Microsoft: Balancing Creativity and Discipline.
More recently, the Rubber Division has enhanced the distinction in disciplines with two prestigious fellowships: in 1988 the Paul J.
The CBA is considering proposals that would lower the standard for discipline of licensees so that a repeated simple mistake could result in CBA action against the individual's license.
Our point: We want the athletes to inflict the discipline upon themselves rather than take it from the outside.
The implication, seen only dimly by many academics even in the early decades of the twentieth century, was that a specialist in any one discipline could work satisfactorily in another only by a strenuous feat of reacculturation.
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