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discharge (someone or something) from (something)

1. To release someone from something. Based on these X-rays, your foot has healed completely, and I can discharge you from my care.
2. To fire someone from a job. Phil was discharged from his job once he was caught embezzling money.
3. To shoot something from a gun. I discharged another bullet from my gun but still missed the target.
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discharge (something) into (something)

To release something into a particular place or receptacle. It's good to keep house plants around because they discharge oxygen into the air. The company was fined for discharging wastewater into the creek.
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discharge someone from something

1. . to fire someone from a job. The manager discharged Walter from his position with the bank. Walter was discharged from his job.
2. to permit a person to leave a place, such as a hospital or the armed service. They discharged her from the hospital today. She was well enough to be discharged from the hospital.
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discharge something from something

to fire a round from a gun. I discharged two bullets from the gun accidentally. Randy discharged about twenty rounds from his automatic rifle.
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discharge something into something

to let something out of something into something else. She discharged some nitrogen from the tank into the laboratory by accident. The technician discharged oxygen into the atmosphere.
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The report focused on how those injuries can affect behaviors and concluded that disciplinary problems related to those conditions could have led to a number of general or other than honorable discharges.
The applied voltage was injected starting 5kV to 20kV for external discharges and 1kV to 6kV for internal discharges.
We also believe that issues with the quality of our data have significantly increased the number of recorded discharges between 10pm and 6am.
Despite the importance of discharge preparations, qualitative research has found discharge teaching is addressed inadequately by nursing staff and not begun until well into the patient's hospitalization.
The discharge summary is an integral part of continuing patient care.
43% of the total discharges and only about 90 patients per month.
A spokesperson for County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust said: "We negotiate the discharge with the patient and if a patient is clinically fit for discharge and wishes to go home and we feel it is safe then we will discharge.
The use of leakage current characterization for estimating the condition of the insulators, and hence detecting the dry-band arc discharges has previously been reported [7,8].
One slight problem is that the EP plenary voted, on 10 May, to postpone the Council's discharge for its annual accounts for 2009 (see Europolitics 4199).
Namely it is slot discharges and gliding (creeping) discharges, which appears in heads of winding.
Analysis of partial discharges loads values is very important in order to distinguish initial (primary) and critical partial discharges.
The risk of death increases as more after-hours discharges occur.
To the Editor: Using discharge diagnoses from US hospitals in 2000-2003, McDonald et al.
Collectively called submarine groundwater discharge, such flows to the sea are gaining increasing attention in scientific circles.
From 1977 to 1999 discharges among persons staying three months to a year rose from 19.