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discharge (someone or something) from (something)

1. To release someone from something. Based on these X-rays, your foot has healed completely, and I can discharge you from my care.
2. To fire someone from a job. Phil was discharged from his job once he was caught embezzling money.
3. To shoot something from a gun. I discharged another bullet from my gun but still missed the target.
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discharge (something) into (something)

To release something into a particular place or receptacle. It's good to keep house plants around because they discharge oxygen into the air.
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discharge someone from something

1. . to fire someone from a job. The manager discharged Walter from his position with the bank. Walter was discharged from his job.
2. to permit a person to leave a place, such as a hospital or the armed service. They discharged her from the hospital today. She was well enough to be discharged from the hospital.
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discharge something from something

to fire a round from a gun. I discharged two bullets from the gun accidentally. Randy discharged about twenty rounds from his automatic rifle.
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discharge something into something

to let something out of something into something else. She discharged some nitrogen from the tank into the laboratory by accident. The technician discharged oxygen into the atmosphere.
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The Bulk Bag Discharger is available in frame variations allowing full bags to be positioned within the discharger by integral or overhead powered hoist - trolley or fork truck.
The Vigan pneumatic discharger, which can unload a ship at a rate of 170 tonnes an hour, was bought with the help of a Department of Tran-sport Freight Facility grant - aimed at encouraging cargoes off the roads and on to other ``green'' routes.
The bulk bag is untied through an access door in the product transfer chute directly under the discharger.
The BFF Series Bulk Bag Discharger is designed for operation in-line with pneumatic conveying systems and eliminates dust during untying, discharging, collapse, retying, and removal of bulk bags while increasing safety and promoting complete discharge of bag contents.
The Spiroflow Type 5 Bulk Bag Discharger has the ability to discharge powder material in problematic height-restricted areas where the raised forklift frame is higher than actual ceiling heights.
Effective shut--off is managed with close tolerance blades by the discharger control valve and these can be customised by Spiroflow to fit customers' own specifications.
The new Model T11 Bulk Bag Super Discharger (BBD) is designed for applications where hygiene and rapid dismantling of components without tools are essential to avoid microbiological growth and cross-contamination between batches.
Discharger valve, which bolts to the discharge outlet of a silo, consists of a hopper body and an inverted cone within it.
Monitoring nutrient loads is critical to documenting our progress in the Bay restoration effort and helps to identify steps each discharger may need to undertake to achieve any future nutrient load reductions.
The Type 7 Discharger can manage a processing line using different storage containers.
We want to enter in a general discussion with the discharger on other possible studies they can do,'' Pumford said.
Initially developed for the handling of food and pharmaceutical ingredients, the T2 Angled Bulk Bag (FIBC) Discharger provides an air-tight operation which empties product with the minimum of residue and has angled framework, not horizontal flat surfaces, reducing settlement and saving time on reducning.
Also showing Mechatron volumetric and gravimetric screw feeders, DEA weigh feeders Tuf-Flex volumetric feeders with flexible-hopper agitation, and SacMaster bulk-bag discharger.