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discharge (someone or something) from (something)

1. To release someone from something. Based on these X-rays, your foot has healed completely, and I can discharge you from my care.
2. To fire someone from a job. Phil was discharged from his job once he was caught embezzling money.
3. To shoot something from a gun. I discharged another bullet from my gun but still missed the target.
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discharge (something) into (something)

To release something into a particular place or receptacle. It's good to keep house plants around because they discharge oxygen into the air.
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discharge someone from something

1. . to fire someone from a job. The manager discharged Walter from his position with the bank. Walter was discharged from his job.
2. to permit a person to leave a place, such as a hospital or the armed service. They discharged her from the hospital today. She was well enough to be discharged from the hospital.
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discharge something from something

to fire a round from a gun. I discharged two bullets from the gun accidentally. Randy discharged about twenty rounds from his automatic rifle.
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discharge something into something

to let something out of something into something else. She discharged some nitrogen from the tank into the laboratory by accident. The technician discharged oxygen into the atmosphere.
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5% of all hospital discharges took place during these hours - more than double the amount discharged on Teesside during the same times.
The Times newspaper submitted Freedom of Information requests to all 170 NHS hospital trusts in England, asking for details of patients discharged between the hours of 11pm and 6am.
The report found that, since 2008, internal DoD reviews discovered hundreds of illegal PD discharges, and since FY 2001, the military has discharged over 31,000 service members on the alleged basis of PD.
Eighty per cent of patients discharged using the traditional method were delayed in PACU after meeting discharge criteria compared with 42% of the DCG group (p=0.
The majority of intensive care unit (ICU) survivors are discharged from ICU during the day (1-3).
He got "born again" religiously while being trained to kill legally; got sent to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division's 502nd Infantry Regiment; got shot at; and got discharged for a "personality disorder" after allegedly leading the Abeer massacre.
In this case, containers from USNS Red Cloud (a large, medium-speed, roll-on/roll-off ship) will be discharged onto Navy barges using ship-based cranes.
Investigators also found that patients who had not resumed their antihyperglycemic agents at discharge also were more likely to be discharged without receiving statins, [beta] blockers, ACE inhibitors, and aspirin.
Patients who were well enough to be discharged were sometimes waiting up to eight to ten hours to leave the hospital because of systems problems.
In addition, the circuit court concluded that material issues of fact remain with respect to whether the plaintiff had established that she was constructively discharged due to the hostile work environment and, perhaps, most important, if she was constructively discharged, whether that would amount to a tangible employment action, meaning no defense to liability could be offered.
The 950th team documented and discharged more than 300 pieces of Polish and Slovak equipment returning from a rotation in Southwest Asia in support of the Global War on Terrorism.
A particularly effective flow choke to give a big improvement in closing the neck of partially discharged bags for re-tying and removal has also been introduced.
9,500 Estimated number of gay and lesbian soldiers discharged under "don't ask, don't tell" since 1993
Other types of water softeners, like those supplied and maintained by companies such as Culligan or Rain do not create a problem because their canisters are removed and replaced regularly and the salt is not discharged into the local sewer system, but into a safe location by the ocean.
When a debtor corporation is in bankruptcy or insolvent (to the extent of the debtor's insolvency) or has qualified farm debt, and such debt is discharged, instead of including the discharged debt in income, it must reduce its tax attributes by the debt discharged, under Sec.