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discharge (someone or something) from (something)

1. To release someone from something. Based on these X-rays, your foot has healed completely, and I can discharge you from my care.
2. To fire someone from a job. Phil was discharged from his job once he was caught embezzling money.
3. To shoot something from a gun. I discharged another bullet from my gun but still missed the target.
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discharge (something) into (something)

To release something into a particular place or receptacle. It's good to keep house plants around because they discharge oxygen into the air.
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discharge someone from something

1. . to fire someone from a job. The manager discharged Walter from his position with the bank. Walter was discharged from his job.
2. to permit a person to leave a place, such as a hospital or the armed service. They discharged her from the hospital today. She was well enough to be discharged from the hospital.
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discharge something from something

to fire a round from a gun. I discharged two bullets from the gun accidentally. Randy discharged about twenty rounds from his automatic rifle.
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discharge something into something

to let something out of something into something else. She discharged some nitrogen from the tank into the laboratory by accident. The technician discharged oxygen into the atmosphere.
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Lenders might be more at ease knowing private student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy because they know they'll get the money back.
Information on dischargeable GW is important in catchments where a substantial proportion of annual stream flow is via GW base-flow discharge, particularly for the estimation of GW-associated contaminant export to surface water bodies (Johannes 1980; Moore 1999; Beaujouan et al.
4) On June 7, 2007, Senator Dick Durbin introduced legislation that would make private for-profit loans once again dischargeable in bankruptcy.
Car loans can no longer be "stripped-down" and debts incurred by fraud are no longer dischargeable.
Income tax claims generally are dischargeable if the return was timely filed and the due date was more than three years before the petition date.
A marginal increase in the benefit to filing implies that the household either has additional dischargeable debt or is allowed to keep more property.
Struggling or failing businesses should realize that failure to remit withheld taxes is a penalty that is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.
Some debts, such as certain taxes, alimony, and child support, are not dischargeable.
Generally, debtors who file under chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code seek a discharge of all their eligible dischargeable debts.
64) If the debtor did not know of the potential claim at the time of filing, liability does not rise to the level of a dischargeable claim.
A bill appeared imminent during the summer of 2002, but right before the summer recess, the bill was pulled from consideration because of a dispute over whether or not certain judgments involving antiabortion protest activities at abortion clinics would be dischargeable in bankruptcy.
Carney, then it goes back to bankruptcy court to make a determination as to what is or is not dischargeable,'' said Carney's attorney, David Pillemer.
Designed to fit any shape, the Rhino Liquid liner provides a leakproof and fully dischargeable packaging system for liquid products shipped and stored in intermediate bulk containers.