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discharge (someone or something) from (something)

1. To release someone from something. Based on these X-rays, your foot has healed completely, and I can discharge you from my care.
2. To fire someone from a job. Phil was discharged from his job once he was caught embezzling money.
3. To shoot something from a gun. I discharged another bullet from my gun but still missed the target.
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discharge (something) into (something)

To release something into a particular place or receptacle. It's good to keep house plants around because they discharge oxygen into the air.
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discharge someone from something

1. . to fire someone from a job. The manager discharged Walter from his position with the bank. Walter was discharged from his job.
2. to permit a person to leave a place, such as a hospital or the armed service. They discharged her from the hospital today. She was well enough to be discharged from the hospital.
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discharge something from something

to fire a round from a gun. I discharged two bullets from the gun accidentally. Randy discharged about twenty rounds from his automatic rifle.
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discharge something into something

to let something out of something into something else. She discharged some nitrogen from the tank into the laboratory by accident. The technician discharged oxygen into the atmosphere.
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I am clear that more still needs to be done to reduce delayed discharge rates even further and I urge local partnerships to work together to redouble their efforts to reduce delayed discharge particularly as we head towards winter.
Discharge rates should thus rise, given that infringement of rules would probably be dealt with more forcefully.
According to PDMA report, river Panjkora is in low floods at Dir with 17753 cusecs water discharge while river swat is in medium floods at Munda Headworks having 28416 cusecs water discharge.
However, consideration is given to the risks of discharging any patient between these times and staff at South Tees will not discharge a patient out of hours without an agreed discharge plan in place and being satisfied that it is safe to do so.
A spokesperson for Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: "The trust ensures all discharges are safe and undertaken in a planned way, and that there is good communication with everyone involved in the patient's discharge.
The analysis further concludes that since Fiscal Year (FY) 2002, the Navy has discharged the most service members on this basis in absolute terms (7735), and in FY 2006 the Air Force set a military record for the Afghanistan and Iraq era when PD discharges accounted for 3.
Post anesthetic assessment guidelines are often focussed on the role of the anesthesiologist; however, due to nurses central role in the management of patients in the PACU setting, anesthetists often delegate the responsibility for evaluation of patient suitability for discharge to the PACU nurse.
Just these nonuniformities caused the partial discharge activity which supports electrical treeing (Mentlik, 2006).
Throughout the province discharge coordinators liaise with the extramural program, home care agencies, long-term care program, nursing homes, adult residential care facilities, and Veterans Affairs.
7910) were seen in patients discharged between 0300 and 0400 hours After-hours discharge was a predictor of mortality (odds ratio 1.
These guidelines prevent personnel with certain "pre-existing mental problems" from deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan (but not elsewhere), and also stipulate: "Mental illnesses that are not expected to be resolved in one year will be cause for discharge.
However, to address this emerging threat, we conducted a similar analysis of discharge data to compare findings from the United States with data from Germany.
JLOTS 06 will exercise the Department of Defense's ability to deploy, discharge, and conduct reception, staging, and deployment of unit equipment and sustainment in a scenario that requires ships to offload while still offshore.
WASHINGTON -- Diabetic patients who had myocardial infarctions and had not resumed their antihyperglycemia medications by discharge were 24% more likely to die within 1 year than were similar patients who had resumed their medications at discharge.
Ensuring nurses use their competency, skills and unique body of knowledge to positively influence patient care and reduce unnecessary delays to patient discharge, was the impetus behind the introduction of the nurse-initiated discharge project at Christchurch Hospital.