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discern (someone or something) from (someone or something)

1. To recognize the differences between people or things. I have a hard time discerning Jim from Greg, but they are identical twins after all. You can discern hydrangea from phlox by looking at their leaves.
2. To gain information from someone or something. Her message was so cryptic that I couldn't discern anything from it—do you know what's going on?
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discern between (someone or something) and (someone or something)

To recognize the differences between people or things. I have a hard time discerning between Jim and Greg, but they are identical twins after all. You can discern between hydrangea and phlox by looking at their leaves.
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1, The Discerning Palate will open Genuine Local, which will have its own kitchen with equipment available for rent to small "foodpreneurs," while also serving as a place to help them start and expand their business, for instance, buying ingredients collectively, in bulk.
Whether Sizzl users prefer their bacon thick cut and flexible, or center cut and cooked to a crisp, Sizzl helps discerning, like-minded bacon lovers find each other in today's world where online and mobile dating rule.
Coxton further said that the "highly discerning clients in China will no doubt appreciate" the sparkle and transparency exhibited by De Beers' specially selected diamonds.
Samsonite Group, the worldwide leader in travel solutions, has announced the launch of new business collection for discerning professionals across the region.
The new Allinson range is designed to drive our leadership further in the premium brown sector and appeal to the more affluent, younger and discerning consumer who is attracted to the premium with bits sector.
So it's pleasing to see our MPs are discerning when it comes to shopping.
Showcasing some of her best work, Home Of Sudden Service assaults barriers with a kind of subversive poetry that will be especially appreciated by the discerning reader.
Enhanced with Notes and concluding with "Peace with God", Making Your Dreams Your Destiny is nicely organized into the following twelve sections: The Message of the Boxes; Daring to Dream; Your Spiritual Birthright; The Nurtured Heart; The Restored Heart; Embracing Change; Unfolding Vision; Discerning Your Passions; Defining Mission, Vision and Goals; Dream Thieves; Conquering Fear; and Run to Win.
The Gateway Grand has the amenities discerning buyers demand with the convenience and joy that comes from being steps from the ocean, all at an excellent price point.
From gathering enough food for the tribe to discerning precise distances between celestial bodies, the ability to measure is part of the foundation of civilization, Joseph writes.
95) is another fine guide to selling and buying on eBay--and avoiding common pitfalls--which covers just about everything including discerning the 'real prices' of items and learning more effective bidding strategies.
Research in applied linguistics; becoming a discerning consumer.
Deftly embedded in a riveting story for your readers ages 8 to 14, is an engaging exploration of such issues as individualism and family obligation, the complexities of discerning right from wrong, and the consequences of pursuing truth and justice.
Shen Wei edits movement with the discerning eye of a painter--which he also is.
According to Rosenzweig, the process of discerning how and when one responds authentically to the divine command transpires through the practice of studying sacred texts with others.