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suspend (one's) disbelief

To ignore or look past one's incredulity at the improbability of some piece of fiction, especially a film or video game, in order to better enjoy the experience of the work. I'm more than willing to suspend my disbelief a little for a cheesy action film. I find that I can never really suspend my disbelief when I watch a movie that's crammed full of CGI.
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You couldn't!

An exclamation of shock, horror, or incredulity regarding something that someone has threatened or said that they intend to do. A: "I'm sorry, Bill, but we're going to have to repossess the house." B: "No, you couldn't! My family has been in this house for six generations!" A: "Either withdraw from the election, or I'll share these incriminating photos with the press—and your wife!" B: "You couldn't!" A: "Oh, believe me, I could."
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You couldn't (do that)!

 and You wouldn't (do that)!
an indication of disbelief that someone might do something. Bill: I'm going to run away from home! Jane: You couldn't! Bill: I get so mad at my brother, I could just strangle him. Tom: You couldn't do that!
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suspend disbelief

To accept as plausible something one knows to be untrue, especially the setting and plot of a drama or fiction so as to allow the appreciation of art.
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"As an artist I wanted to experiment with the aesthetics of painting surreal and sometimes grotesque characters," Ghazi said, "to see if the viewer would be willing to suspend disbelief and convince themselves that they are looking at actual audience members watching a specific movie and reacting to it."
He appealed to the Court of Special Appeals, successfully arguing that the jury's seeing and hearing the detective's disbelief on the recording denied him a fair trial.
There is shock and disbelief today, as the nation sees his body being taken to Vijay Ghat, but I know, as the flames rise high, he will see a figure with a loin cloth taking him by the hand and saying, 'Come with me Atal, you continued doing for India, what I began!' And together, one from Vijay Ghat and the other leading him from Rajghat will walk hand in hand into the hall of fame where he forever will be India's Shining Hero!
We, explicitly, declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran will help, wherever its presence is needed, to confront disbelief and arrogance: we will not compromise with anyone when expressing this."
Some suspended their disbelief that a totally optional ceremony could be so crass amid widespread poverty and despair.
Writing exclusively in his Irish Mirror column today, the midfielder admitted: "When the news broke my instant reaction was one of disbelief and disgust.
Basketball legend Basketball legend Michael Michael Jordan shook Jordan shook his head his head in disbelief in disbelief - his - his men were close men were close but no cigar.
They found out that the initial reaction of winners was shock or disbelief, but their most joyful memory was when they shared the news with family, loved ones and friends, rather than at that exact lifechanging moment they find out they have become a millionaire.
I'VE had an email from Keith Flynn, a listener, which has made me shake my head in disbelief. As you know one of the hottest topics these days is benefits - what is and isn't paid out, who gets what, and will we ever get the long-term unemployed back into work?
The court heard the woman was so shocked that she looked away but glanced back out of disbelief.
It might be the right time to cultivate disbelief, which can make
Renowned for critically acclaimed films Timecode and Leaving Las Vegas, which earned him two Oscar nods, Figgis will introduce his latest, Suspension of Disbelief, on July 10.
Mr Bannister said he reacted with disbelief and shock when he received the bill of 64 euros, or PS54.
EXCITEMENT AND DISBELIEF: Andrew Garth of Middlesbrough, right, who won PS1m in the Euromillions Millionaire Raffle on Christmas Day last year Picture right by KATIE LUNN and below by IAN MCINTYRE
Global Banking News-February 19, 2013--Decision to liquidate Cornish Community Banking met with disbelief by members(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk