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disbar from (something)

To render a lawyer ineligible to practice law. A noun or pronoun can be used between "disbar" and "from." The lawyer was disbarred from practicing law because he double-billed his clients and the state for dozens of cases during his career.
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disbar someone from something

to take the right to practice law away from a lawyer. The state board disbarred Todd from practicing law in his own state. Sally was also disbarred from practicing law.
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The only fraud on the court alleged is that neither Preyor nor the court was aware that Jefferson was disbarred.
Suite 200, Tampa, disbarred effective immediately, following a January 26 court order.
Because the disbarred lawyer is prohibited from practicing law, the lawyers employing the disbarred lawyer may be violating this rule if they allow the disbarred lawyer to practice without a license.
52, practitioners can also be censured, suspended or disbarred for (1) willfully violating any Circular 230 regulation or (2) recklessly or through gross incompetence violating Section 10.
Last month, the Sapporo Bar Association disbarred Kadota in response to the district court's request to reprimand him.
MDPs would allow disbarred attorneys to oversee other attorneys.
In addition, thirty-three men who currently sit on Illinois' death row have been represented by attorneys who have since been either suspended or disbarred.
None of these prosecutors, said the investigation, has been disbarred or convicted.
It is the third error by the legal authorities in their bid to have McIntyre disbarred for his gun crime.
South East may also have competition from the late-Muriel Sturman's estate, as well as a group that may have purchased rights from a now disbarred attorney who was at some point also connected with the estate, and who is in jail in Westchester County in connection with pleading guilty to one count of grand larceny in the second degree.
Shoney's assembled a veritable army of lawyers to defend the indefensible, including Nishville's high-powered Jim Neal (of Watergate fame, and also currently Al Gore's lawyer) and Birmingham's Butch Powell, a bearded, blustery, three-pieced thug who actually told Warren at one point that what he (Powell) wanted most of all from the case was to get Warren disbarred.
Established by a pair of disbarred life insurance salesmen, Rumor World was one of those rare publications that actually enjoyed several heydays, flourishing first in the 1930s, when it abounded with outlandish rumors about illicit extramarital affairs among movie stars who supposedly were happily married; then again in th 1950s, when it achieved perhaps its greatest notoriety with lurid stories accusing various celebrities of being Communists; and yet again in the 1980s, when it teemed with implausible reports about Elvis sightings, impending corporate mergers, movie stars' deviant lifestyles, and the imminent firings of powerful magazine editors at publications such as Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and GQ.
Israel Weinstock, a former New York attorney, who asserts he has been unjustly disbarred after practicing law for 42 years with an unblemished record, has filed an application with the U.
A Colorado attorney is facing the revocation of his Wisconsin license for behavior that got him disbarred in his home state.
In Dantes vs Dantes (2004), the Supreme Court disbarred a lawyer due to his extramarital affairs.