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disbar from (something)

To render a lawyer ineligible to practice law. A noun or pronoun can be used between "disbar" and "from." The lawyer was disbarred from practicing law because he double-billed his clients and the state for dozens of cases during his career.
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disbar someone from something

to take the right to practice law away from a lawyer. The state board disbarred Todd from practicing law in his own state. Sally was also disbarred from practicing law.
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Admitted to practice: 2000) Disciplinary revocation is tantamount to disbarment.
9) The process still exists to adjudicate claims of lawyer misconduct and impose sanctions ranging from censure or suspension to disbarment for misconduct.
According to the charges against Judge Coffey, she and her husband established the trust while his disbarment proceedings were pending, and she had reason to know he might be facing large legal bills.
Disbarment from practice before the IRS is not equivalent to disbarment or suspension from a state bar because the IRS is only authorized to prevent a practitioner from practicing before the IRS.
20 Suspension and disbarment may lead to the loss of a CPA tax practitioner's license at the state level and can result in liability claims by clients aware of the underlying transactions that lead to the referral.
Recommended for the immediate institution of proper disciplinary or disbarment proceedings were Divina, lawyers Marvi Abo, Alston Kevin Anarna, Edzel Bert Canlas, Cecilio Jimeno, Ferdinand Rogelio, Eric Fuentes, Cesar Ocampo Ona, Gaile Dante Acuzar Caraan, Henry Pablo Jr.
HSYK denies request to re-examine disbarment of prosecutors
Admitted to practice: 2006) Disciplinary revocation is tantamount to disbarment.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) formally filed yesterday a disbarment case against lawyer Harry Roque, legal counsel of the family of slain transgender Jeffrey Laude, alias "Jennifer.
In August 1998, after his suspension, he represented a client - who is his cousin - in a divorce, without notifying her of his suspension, according to the disbarment order.
The white-collar crime is a third-degree felony in Texas punishable by up to 10 years in jail and disbarment.
Disabled SPLA soldiers attend a workshop at South Sudan Disbarment Demobilization Reintegration Commission (SSDDRC) center in Bentiu, Unity state, South Sudan.
A practitioner is defined to include a CPA, not under suspension or disbarment from practice before the IRS, who may practice before the IRS by filing a power of attorney with the IRS [Sec.
51 explicitly includes incompetence as a separate basis for censure, suspension or disbarment of a practitioner from IRS practice.