disbar from

disbar from (something)

To render a lawyer ineligible to practice law. A noun or pronoun can be used between "disbar" and "from." The lawyer was disbarred from practicing law because he double-billed his clients and the state for dozens of cases during his career.
See also: disbar

disbar someone from something

to take the right to practice law away from a lawyer. The state board disbarred Todd from practicing law in his own state. Sally was also disbarred from practicing law.
See also: disbar
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Circular 230 authorizes Treasury to suspend or disbar from practice before the department a representative who (1) is incompetent; (2) is disreputable; (3) violates the rules regulating practice before the department; or (4) (with intent to defraud) willfully and knowingly misleads or threatens the person being represented (or a person who may be represented).